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3 Fun Christmas Cutting Practice Activities

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3 Fun Christmas Cutting Practice Activities for Kids from Lalymom

Christmas is a fun time of year for kids. We do plenty of activities throughout the season that are purely for fun, but I do try to sprinkle in some things that help my kids learn or develop in a fun way. To that end, we are doing some fun Christmas Cutting Practice Activities this week with my three year old that I thought I'd share.

We did a lot of Halloween Cutting Practice Activities and then my daughter's interests went to other things for a while…the scissors gathered dust…she was scissored-out! But she LOVES Christmas. We play Christmas games or pretend to be Santa and Rudolph any time throughout the year. So I knew if I set up some Christmas Cutting Practice Activities that her interest would pick right back up- and it did!

Here are three silly, simple Christmas Cutting Practice Activities that we did- and you can do them too! Feel free to adjust each project according to your child's skill level and join in the fun since you'll be supervising their use of scissors anyway!

Scissors Skills Santa Santa Scissors Skills Cutting Activity for Preschoolers from Lalymom

This idea came about after we did our Spiderweb Cutting back around Halloween. I thought it would be funny to use our left over spiderwebs as Santa's beard since it is such a unique, funny material! If you don't have spiderweb, you could use white paper with or without cotton balls glued on and your child will still be able to trim Santa's beard! You could set this up yourself or involve your child in the prep. Ladybug and I assembled Santa together.


Paper plate

Red and blue construction paper

Halloween spiderweb

Crayon or Marker


Hole Punch (optional)

Glue Stick


1. Prep- Draw simple lines on red construction paper in the outline of a Santa Hat. I did this freehand, it does not need to be perfect! You or your child can cut out the hat. Using a hole punch or scissors, cut out 2 blue circles for eyes, one red circle for a nose and a red crescent mouth. Trim a small amount of spiderweb to use on the rim and tip of the hat. Noting the direction that the spiderweb is cut and which way it pulls, cut a big chunk of spiderweb for the beard. Poke/stretch a hole in the beard for the mouth to show through.

2. Assemble- Use the glue stick to assemble the Santa. Glue stick also works well to attach the spiderweb hat trim and the big beard on. Allow glue to dry.

3. Trim- Allow your child to stretch, play with and trim Santa's beard!


Cutting Practice Christmas Tree

Fine Motor Skills Christmas Tree from Lalymom

Ladybug had a lot of fun last year decorating our tree and hopefully she will again this year- when we get it put up! In the mean time, this Christmas Cutting Practice Activity was simple to set up and it could be done with craft foam and stickers, as we used, or using construction paper and glue stick.


Green craft foam

Small craft foam stickers in various colors (we used small and medium circles as well as a flower that looked sort of like a star.)


Pen or marker


1. Cutting- Draw two long lines on the green craft foam (from each bottom corner to the top center) to make a tall triangle. You or your child cut out the triangle. Have your child cut short, individual snips up and down the edge of the tree (like branches) for extra scissors skills practice! You can draw guide lines, demonstrate or provide instruction as your child's ability dictates.

2. Decorate- You and your child peel the backing off the stickers and decorate the tree! Add additional decorations from your craft stash if desired!


Cutting Practice with Dryer Sheet Snowflakes

Dryer Sheet Snowflakes for Scissors Skills Practice from Lalymom

This cutting practice activity was tricky to do with Ladybug, but the results were a lot of fun to play with! I made a couple by myself and when she saw what I was making she asked if she could do it. We tried folding them together and I held it while she cut. Your child may be able to do more or less of the process, but you'll probably both have fun tossing them in the air and seeing them float down to the ground!


Used dryer sheets (trimmed to a square, if needed)



1. Fold- Fold the square in half, the in half in the opposite direction so you have a smaller square. You can cut from here, or fold over one more time, into a triangle.

2. Cut- You may remember this from your childhood- Cut random small snipped shapes out of each edge of your folded square or circle- every time you do it, it will come out a little differently!

3. Repeat with as many dryer sheets as possible.

4. Have fun tossing them or dropping them from up high!

3 Fun, Low Prep Christmas Cutting Practice Activities for Kids from Lalymom

Well how is that for fun, easy, low prep Christmas Cutting Practice? If you liked this, check out my CUT-Punch-PASTE Hand Wreath and stay tuned for tomorrow's Fine Motor Fridays‘ huge, giant, mega, awesome Christmas Roundup Edition, where I team up with some lovely bloggers to provide you with a progressive roundup of Christmas Themed Fine Motor Activities!! Thanks for coming by, happy holidays!


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