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Embroidery Hoop Pumpkins Halloween Crafts

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Woohoo! The Weekend is here! We are back for another Fine Motor Friday!! Today's Fine Motor Halloween Crafts use a clever recycled material to practice some sewing skills.

Embroidery Hoop Recycled Pumpkins - Fine Motor Halloween Craft on Lalymom.com - how cute and love the idea of getting free mesh from the grocery store!

So how simple is this, right?! The super cool part to me was the material we snagged from the grocery store for FREE to sew on!

I was looking in craft stores and online for orange burlap, orange crochet or cross stitch canvas, or something loosely woven for this craft…something already orange that would be easy to push a needle through.

I was at my favorite grocery store, Mariano's, and spied EXACTLY what I wanted! Produce mesh. One of the guys was dumping the white onions out of white loose mesh sacks and I thought chances were good that it came in orange. I asked the friendly produce dude if any veggies came in orange sacks and he went to the back to bring out some yellow onions! Check out this free crafting material that they totally would have thrown away! (Yikes sorry that picture is so dark but it is really cool!)


Recycled Grocery Store Mesh from Yellow Onions for Pumpkin Halloween Crafts on Lalymom.com

The guy was totally nice through it all too, I told him it was for a craft project and he even said to come back and show him if we take pictures…ha little did he know I'd be all over that!

So anyhow. Otherwise the craft is pretty simple! This would be a good craft to do along with preschoolers or let older kids do on their own. You can decide how much your child can do!

Pumpkin Halloween Craft


Recycled Embroidery Hoop Pumpkin on Lalymom.com - cute Halloween craft for kids or tweens!

Orange Mesh from yellow onions, or other loosely woven orange fabric

Plastic needle

Black embroidery floss, crochet thread, yarn or other thick string


Embroidery hoop


Prep the hoop- loosen the thumb screw on the outside embroidery hoop to remove the outside hoop from the inside hoop. Place the mesh over the inside hoop and press the outside hoop back down onto the inside hoop, holding the mesh tight. Tighten the thumb screw.

Prep the thread- Cut a long length of thread and thread it onto your plastic needle. Tie a knot in the ends.

Start the thread- No matter how many times you tie a know in the end the mesh is too loose for it too hold so do this instead to start it each time. Decide what shape you want to do first and where you want to place it. Decide on the corner of that shape. Feed the needle and thread through the mesh wherever you want to start, from bottom to top, and hold the knot before it come up through the mesh. Now, moving over one thread of the mesh, feed the needle back down and feed the needle in between the two ends of the thread, above the knot. Pull tight and the thread will be held in place around the mesh!

Get going! Now you can decide what shapes to make for your jack-o-lantern face! So fun!

If you try this craft I'd love to see how it came out! Come by and share on my Facebook page!

Happy Halloween!

If you liked this craft please pin it! Embroidery Hoop Recycled Pumpkins - Fine Motor Halloween Craft on Lalymom.com - how cute and love the idea of getting free mesh from the grocery store!

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