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Glowing, Taste-Safe Oobleck Play Recipe for Kids

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We went a little glow crazy at our house this week. It's been different…and…FUN! This glowing taste-safe oobleck is one of three play recipes that came out of a few days of experimenting!

Four Ingredient Glowing Taste Safe Oobleck - Super Fun Play Recipe for kids on Lalymom.com - So much messy fun for toddlers or preschoolers!

If you are wondering how I went from Mess-Averse Mom to Mess-Accepting Mom, here is the story! The creator of Powerful Mothering, Nicolette,  is a friend of mine and she is part of a monthly series called 12 Months of Sensory Doughs. The theme this month is glowing doughs. Now, all of her Play Recipes for this series have been taste-safe, which rocks, but making it glow would be tricky! I knew that where she lives, taste safe glowing ingredients are hard to find AND that she is very pregnant and…well, I told her I'd write it up as a guest post! Mazel tov! SO there you go!

So this oobleck recipe is actually a way to recycle the Three Ingredient Taste Safe Cloud Dough that we made over there. Go ahead and grab that recipe. I'll be right here when you get back….

Recipe for Oobleck that Glows and is Taste Safe on Lalymom.com - what a cool messy play recipe for kids!

Okay so now that you know how to make the base recipe I'll show you how to make the oobleck! It's pretty cool stuff, I promise! But first some important info!

Disclaimer: Please note taste safe is just that “taste safe”, this does not mean eating  or drinking the oobleck! This oobleck recipe uses a major vitamin for the glowing color and any vitamin can be bad for you if too much is consumed. Read the ingredients and know your child. Supervised play is necessary. If your child is likely to gobble this, maybe try some non-glowing edible paints. Also as a note, this post contains affiliate links for your convenience!

So have you ever made Oobleck? It's crazy! I had read before that it was a non-newtonian fluid but I had never played with the stuff so I didn't quite GET what that means. What it means is you are going to be mixing these ingredients until you reach the oobleck sweet spot. When you get there you will think you overdid it but then the craziest thing will happen. You will think you created a marshmallow like solid object and then- like a crazy magic trick- it will just collapse into a liquid and oooooze off!

It is SO cool.

So now that you have the Cloud Dough recipe and you know all about the oobleck sweet spot, you are totes ready to make some oobleck!


Recipe for Glowing Taste-Safe Oobleck


Glowing Cloud Dough

Neon food color

(Water as needed)

Additional corn starch for mixing, if necessary

A Black light (We got ours here but they are also on Amazon)

Mixing bowls

High sided plastic container

Mixing, scooping and pouring tools


Divide the Cloud Dough Recipe into enough batches for each color you want to make, making sure you leave one without food color too. Put each divided portion of cloud dough into it's own mixing bowl.

Start with just two spoonfuls of water for your first batch. Stir it totally in and see where you're at. If it's very liquidy, add some plain corn starch, if it is too thick add a tiny bit more of water. Stir and combine the ingredients until you reach the oobleck sweet spot and it looks like liquid one moment, and it's hard to stir and solid seeming the next! That's the spot!

Making Oobleck that is Taste Safe and Glows! Such a cool substance, like a science lesson and messy play at the same time!

Repeat this process with each batch. When they are all mixed start adding a few drops of neon food color. The pink/purples really combined with the yellow to make a sort of orange. The green made darker green. The most brilliant was of course the one with no food color added and just the cloud dough mixed with water. It was very bright yellow.

Mixing Glowing Oobleck - What a cool play recipe this is! Totally a science lesson!

Once you have them all mixed you can add them all to one big container and start playing! Try to pick the whole thing up at once! Just when you think you can do it, it totally falls apart. SO cool and unique!

Of all the play recipes we made this week this was the hardest for me to get pictures of. Capturing the texture is impossible when you add in the glow, but also…it just got all over! I am not FULLY over my aversion to mess so I was really on high alert with my daughter who likes to fling any substance that sticks to her. It's good for both of us though…deep inhales….we should do it more!

Have you made oobleck before? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

For more glowing and messy play ideas, check out these posts and follow my Messy Play Pinterest Board!

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