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20+ FAB Fitbit Flex 2 Accessories

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Inside: You'll find tons of awesome Fitbit Flex 2 Accessories– everything from the basic replacement bands and chargers to gorgeous fashion bracelets to dress up your fitness tracker! Affiliate links are used for easy shopping.

Replacement Bands and fashion accessories for Fitbit Flex 2

Hello Fitbit Friends! Welcome!

Oooo did someone just unbox a brand new Fitbit Flex 2?! Oh yeah baby!

You're the proud owner of one of the only waterproof Fitbits out there! Score!

But sometimes you just need something extra.

Maybe you want a spare charger for the office?

Or a nice leather band to take it business casual.

We will get you hooked up, but first thing's first. Tons of Fitbit users pop on their tracker, go on about their business and NEVER reach their step goals, let alone lose weight.

Don't let this happen to you. Make your Fitbit work for you!

Get started on the right foot, with one of the BEST accessories for any Fitbit user- my Step By Step Fitness Tracker Success Book!

Basic Fitbit Flex 2 Accessories: Chargers and Replacement Bands

Okay let's get started with the basics of Fitbit Flex 2 Accessories.

If you're going to bank all those steps, you had better keep that sucker charged!

Get Spare Fitbit Flex 2 chargers to keep one at your desk and one by your home computer.

If your band broke, or you just want a few spare bands to switch off, check out this 3 Pack of Flex 2 Replacement Bands.

For you “Every-color-under-the-sun” types, they also offer a 12 pack of Fitbit Flex bands with lots of good colors.

Adding a simple Bit Belt helps give an extra layer of protection from the band accidentally popping off.

For anyone trying to Avoid Uncounted Fitbit Steps, you might want to grab an ankle band too. The B-Great Ankle band has reflective strips for added safety when you are running or biking outdoors.

Fitbit Flex 2 Bracelets and Necklaces Accessories

20 Fab Fitbit Flex 2 Accessories - Bangles, leather bands, pendants, slides and sleeves to dress up your fitbit!

Fitbits are, of course, fitness accessories so it makes sense that they are sporty. But. Sometimes you just don't feel like wearing a silicone band, am I right?

Enter the Fitbit Fashion Accessories. There are a host of third party companies selling accessories to jazz up your Fitbit Flex 2.

This section is about bracelets and necklaces, below we also share some slides and sleeves that dress up your current band.

Let's check out some of the coolest necklaces and bracelets:

Tory Burch continues to lead the trends for Fitbit accessories. She designed this Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle as well as this Fitbit  Flex 2 Double Leather Wrap. 

Bayite Pendant Necklace (These come in silver, gold and rose gold)

I love the dressed up look of the leather Fitbit Flex 2 Bracelet. It comes in several colors but Black and silver is my fave.

There is a double wrap leather Fitbit Flex 2 Bracelet too, which I think it a little more edgy.

Vera Wang got into the Fitbit game with this Hinged Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle, it comes in black or silver.

If you like a more concealed bangle, check out this Linear Hinge Bangle for Fitbit Flex 2.

If you're looking for something handmade and unique there are also several Etsy Makers who specialize in Fitbit Flex 2 Accessories. Below are some fun Etsy finds for your fitness tracker.

Keep in mind that Etsy items sell out due to the handmade nature of the items. If the item is sold out, click on the seller's name to see if they have new options.

For a totally unique, handmade look, check out this Leather and Wood Flex 2 Bracelet.

This leather Fitbit Flex 2 band comes in several colors and has a slick design.

For a fun, casual look try these ribbon bands for Flex 2.

I love the intricate details of this Rose Gold Flex 2 Band.

Fitbit Flex 2 Slides and Sleeves

20 Awesome Accessories for Fitbit Flex 2

Bayite also sells these awesome silver slides for Fitbit Flex 2 that are basically like Fitbit jewelry. You can choose one color or get a Three Pack of Different colors.

Oh! Or this Cat/Owl/Flower three pack for different styles, FUN!

For more of a jewelry look, check out these Blue Rhinestone Jeweled Slides.

Etsy makers are also making sleeves and slides for Flex 2. As mentioned above, with any Etsy item, if it sells out click the sellers name to see if they have any newer options.

This Flex 2 Charm covers the display but turns your tracker into a piece of jewelry for sure.

Funktional Wearables offers tons of Fitbit accessories, including this cool Tribal Inspired Fitbit Flex 2 Sleeve.

Which Fitbit Flex 2 Accessories are you going to nab?

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