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Three Ingredient Glowing Taste Safe Bath Paints for Kids

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Here is something you don't see from me every day- messy play! These three ingredient, glowing taste-safe bath paints were super cool to make and play with…not to mention super easy!

Cool Play Recipe for Three Ingredient Taste Safe Glowing Bath Baints on Lalymom.com - holy COW are these cool! Perfect for my preschooler and toddler!

Here is the quick back story that converted me from Mess-Averse to Mess-Accepting Mom! My friend Nicolette over at Powerful Mothering is part of a cool monthly series called 12 Months of Sensory Doughs. This month's theme is glowing doughs. Nicolette's Sensory Doughs for this series have all been taste-safe, which I think is just so smart, but does present a challenge when you need to make it glow! Add in the fact that taste safe glowing ingredients are hard to find where she lives AND that she is super, mega pregnant and well, I told her I'd just do it as a fun guest post! SO there you go!

So this bath paint recipe is actually a way to recycle the Three Ingredient Taste Safe Cloud Dough that we made over there. Go ahead and grab that recipe. I'll be right here when you get back….

Okay so now that you know how to make the base recipe I'll show you how to make the glowing bath paints! It's mega super simple, I promise! But first some important info!

Disclaimer: Please note taste safe is just that “taste safe”, this does not mean anyone should go gobbling up this bath paint! This bath paints recipe uses vitamins to glow and any vitamin can be toxic if too much is easten. Read the ingredients and know your child. Adult supervision is always recommended. If your child is likely to eat a lot of this, maybe try some non-glowing edible paints. Also as a note, this post contains affiliate links for your convenience!

Recipe for Glowing Taste-Safe Bath Paints


Glowing Cloud Dough

Diet Tonic with Quinine

(Water as needed)

A Black light (We got ours here but they are also on Amazon)

Paint Brushes


Note: I call this three ingredient bath paints. I used the recipe I already had but you COULD skip one ingredient in that recipe, the oil, to make this. You still need the secret yellow taste safe glow ingredient from that recipe to make the yellow paint!)


Add a tablespoon of the cloud dough to some empty egg cartons or small containers. Add a splash of water and mix it up. Now you have your yellow!

Add a tablespoon more of the cloud dough and add a splash of the diet tonic. Mix it up and there is your blue!

Paint! See? I told you it was super simple!! My daughter actually noticed the paint effect when we were cleaning up the cloud dough, since she is now tall enough to see into the sink, we actually used them in the sink. It wasn't a huge grand piece of art, it really was a lot of the same thing over and over, but it was a masterpiece to her and to me. In fact I think she was just mesmerized by the glow of it!

How to Make Glowing Bath Paints for Kids on Lalymom.com - what a fun kids activity!

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