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13 Edible Paint Recipes for Babies, Toddlers and Big Kids Too!

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Inside: Find 13 Baby Safe, Toddler Safe Homemade Edible Paint Recipes to make for your kids. Totally taste-safe way to make some art and have some fun! These DIY paint recipes are aimed at younger kids since they are taste-safe but bugger kids would have just as much fun with them! Affiliate links are used in this post.

13 DIY Edible Paint Recipes for Babies Toddlers and Big Kids from Lalymom

Originally published in 2014, but just as awesome today.

We recently had a super fun crafty painting playdate with some friends where we did some painting with kids ranging from 18 months old to 5 years old. We used one fun ingredient for the paint and all the kids could participate because it was totally safe to eat.

I know some parents are thinking, “Why would I teach my kids to eat paint?!” But hear me out.

When kids are young, and learn by putting things in their mouth, it's perfectly fine to let them experiment, play, learn and create with taste-safe materials. When they are old enough to understand the rule that paint doesn't go in your mouth, then they can graduate to big kid paints.

Just like with everything in life, we make safety accommodations until kids are old enough to know better, right?


For anyone who is excited to let their toddlers and babies have some sensory art fun, I thought it would be fun to share a bunch of fun and easy recipes for DIY Edible Paints for kids.

You probably have ingredients for most of these recipes in your house already and if not, they are available at any grocery store.

With 13 to choose from you could try a new one every month for over a year. Not bad!

Note that these paints range from recipes that are safe to taste if your child decides to put some in his or her mouth, to ones that taste or smell yummy and have to potential to be gobbled up as the painting goes on.

They all offer a safe, fun painting experience but you will have to decide which type you prefer!

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Awesome, Easy Edible Paint Recipes

Click the title of each edible paint recipe below to get the recipe and tutorial!

Toddler Safe Edible Paint Using Chocolate on Lalymom

Painting With Chocolate from our very own crafty playdate

13 Edible Paint Recipes Safe for Babies Toddlers and Kids on Lalymom

Jello Pudding Edible Paint from Craftulate

Taste-safe Two Ingredient Milk Paint from Learn Play Imagine

Homemade Colored Edible Finger Paint from the Imagination Tree

13 Baby Safe Edible Paint Recipes on Lalymom

Homemade Squeeze Bottle Paint from Powerful Mothering

Edible Paint for Babies with Real Fruit from Hands On As We Grow

Scented Edible Paint from Fun at Home with Kids

How to Make Toddler Safe Paint that you Can Eat on Lalymom

Edible Finger Paint from Teach Preschool

Taste-Safe Squeezable Homemade Paint from I Can Teach My Child

DIY Edible Paints from Paging Fun Mums

Frozen Edible Paints from So Says Sarah

Edible Apple Paints from Blog Me Mom

Homemade Edible Finger Paints for Babies and Toddlers from Play Create Explore

Have you made an edible paint recipe to use with your baby, toddler or big kid? I'd love to hear about it! Share in the comments below or on my facebook page!

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  1. Marshmallow paint is worth checking out needs to come with a reminder its not suitable for everyone due to pork gelatin though

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