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Scissor Practice Activity for Preschoolers- Cutting Practice Spider

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This scissors practice activity for preschoolers is perfect for any kids that you know who like to laugh….which I bet is all of them! I like to call him the Cutting Practice Spider!
Scissor Practice Activity for Preschoolers - Cutting Practice Spider from Lalymom

We have had so much fun exploring fun ways to practice using scissors these past few weeks. Ever since reading about the subject in Ready for Kindergarten (affiliate link for your convenience) by Deborah Stewart I've been inspired to try to find more playful fine motor activities- although worksheets and printables can be fun too!

Lately yarn has become a favorite cutting material of Ladybug, who is three years old. She is also in that stage where intentionally falling down or watching someone fall down, makes her laugh a lot. We put these two together in an easy, giggle-inducing cutting practice activity.

All you need is a toy spider, yarn and scissors. We used the spider we made during our pouch craft cap craze but obviously pretty much any spider will do!

Scissor Practcie Activity for Kids Using The Very Busy Spider. Cutting Practice Fun from Lalymom

Tie the yarn to the spider and hold it up. Instruct your child to cut the yarn at the top so you can do it over and over. You can sing the itsy bitsy spider and cut it when the rain washes the spider out, but obviously it is not the rain. I highly recommend making goofy falling noises, like BONK! KABOOM! when the spider falls…in our house, it totally gets laughs. And you just can't beat laughing while learning! I could see this being a fun station at a Halloween playdate.

Preschool Scissor Practice Activity with Cutting Practice Spider from Lalymom

You can see the pile of yarn snippets on the table…yes we really cut the spider's web THAT many times, and then some! We didn't stop there either! Ladybug decided the yarn snippets looked like hair, so she figured out that she could use her fingers or the scissors to pick up the yarn cuttings and put them onto the spider, making a silly hairdo. When I saw her do that I got out some cupcake liners and she had fun putting the yarn into them. Never thought to use scissors in a transfer skills activity, but I'm so happy that Ladybug did!

Fine Motor Fun Using a Pouch Cap Craft Spider from Lalymom
Preschool Cutting Practice with Yarn from Lalymom

If you liked this easy, fun fine motor activity, check out this cutting practice doll we made with yarn and shrinky dinks- it could easily be made into any character your child likes! I also shared a series of Fall Themed Fine Motor Activities.

Cutting Practice Spider Activity for Preschoolers from Lalymom

I bet you would also enjoy my Fine Motor Fun Pinterest Board. I also really liked this list of cutting materials here at Little Stars Learning.

Hope to see you again soon, please join me on my Facebook Page to follow along with our fun!

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  1. Great activity and i am sure my daughter would enjoy it too! I am just not as good as crafting and creating things as i wished i was.
    Thank you for linking up with the Parenting Pin-it party.
    Pinned and stumbled

  2. I love this!! I used to hold just the boring piece of string. Totally making this for when my youngest (10 months now) is ready for cutting practice.

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