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Easy Edible Paint for Kids Using Chocolate

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Welcome back to Fine Motor Fridays! We are getting ready for Mother's Day around here and wanted a simple craft project to do with the kids. My answer was this easy edible paint idea using nothing but chocolate!

Painting with Chocolate Edible Paint from Lalymom

If you have kids that put everything in their mouths, you may not put painting at the top of your to-do list. This is a simple and fun idea that promotes sensory exploration of a fun material as well as fine motor skills development in kids of all ages!

Back up though- what made me think to paint with chocolate?! Well I am so excited because I have a sponsored post coming up for DOVE® Dark Chocolate via MomTrends, so we received a huge box of yummy chocolates in the mail!

The tagline for the Dove Mother's Day campaign is “Share the Dove” so we decided to invite friends over for a crafty playdate- how perfect! Alisha from Makeovers and Motherhood and Georgina from Craftulate brought their kids over to taste test and craft with our special ingredient: chocolate!

Cue the chocolate craftiness!
Craft Chocolate Playdate with kids #SharetheDove from Lalymom

We prepped for the mess a bit by covering the table with a large plastic table cloth. We also had wipes and paper towels nearby. I have to say that even with 6 kids ranging from 18 months to 5 years old…it was not THAT messy and it was a LOT of fun! We tried various paper for this project but found that cardstock worked best. Any paper that comes on a roll will curl up as the chocolate dries. Boy am I glad Alisha brought that cardstock!

Baby Safe Edible Paint Using Chocolate from Lalymom

I can't lie- there WAS a bit of mess, mainly surrounding my son, but it was nothing a little water didn't wash away, and the sensory art experience was totally worth it! You might notice the lighter lines on the paper- you can use chocolate as crayons too but my little guy saw the bigger kids using paint brushes and wanted in on the action!

Also, I specify to use new, unused paint brushes for this project. In the realm of edible paint recipes for kids, there are the kind that your kids can taste and it will not hurt them, and then there is the kind where you have to figure a lot of it may be eaten. This it the latter so you want to be sure your child is not eating whatever was on the paint brush last time it was used!

Easy Chocolate Edible Paint Materials

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DOVE Dark Chocolates, 2-4 squares per child

New, unused paintbrushes

Ramekin, mug or other microwave safe shallow dish


For colors other than brown you can also try white chocolate with some food coloring

Toddler Safe Edible Paint Using Chocolate on Lalymom

Easy Chocolate Edible Paint Directions

Place two to three squares of DOVE Dark Chocolates in a ramekin or other shallow, microwave safe container. Microwave for 40-50 seconds. Carefully remove the dish from the microwave and use a paintbrush to press down and stir the chocolates. Continue stirring and microwaving in short bursts until the chocolate is mostly melted.

Once the dish is safe to handle, place it on the table and let the kids paint! You can also use the paint brushes to paint the kids hands and make hand prints.

Handprint Paintings Made with Chocolate Edible Paint from Lalymom

Allow the chocolate to dry and then you can cut out any shapes you want!

We cut out a heart that we will be using in our Mother's Day Gifts. Stay tuned to see the fun ideas we came up with for the results of our edible paint session! It was such a fun playdate though, and I can assure you that none of the chocolate went to waste! The kids all enjoyed trying the dark chocolate….and you know the mamas did too!

Painted Chocolate Heart for Mother's Day #SharetheDove from Lalymom

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  1. What a fun day and craft! Thanks so much for having us over! The chocolate was definitely a hit with our little artists and the end projects were a huge hit with the grandmas (the lucky recipients of the Mother’s Day present)!

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