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Intentional Pleats!

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As my sewing buddy Tripti can attest, most, if not all, of my projects have pleats. Unintentional Pleats that result from my less-than-perfect sewing skills. Not this time though! My life is so exciting that I feel it necessary to announce my first intentional pleats! A whole group of them in fact- a ruffle, if you will! The apron itself didn’t turn out as cute as it looked in my head, but the lesson was learned, so I’ll count it as an experiment. It’s a little…Minnie Mouse with that black edging. The fabric I’ve had for a year and didn’t know what to do with. In fact I got it the same day I got the leaf fabric in my first apron. (The Joann Fabrics nearby was moving locations and having the obligatory blowout moving sale and I was just learning to sew so I grabbed all kinds of stuff!) Anyhow, Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure at L-Del Sews.

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