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Upcycled Crafts – Pouch Cap Watches and Bracelets

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Well this should come as no shocker to my long time fans- today I'm sharing not only a DIY Toy, but ones that are also Pouch Cap Crafts. These upcycled crafts are colorful, fun and easy to put together! Oh- I am also sharing a couple affiliate links for anyone who is unfamiliar with the materials used.

Pouch Cap Crafts- Easy Upcycled DIY Pretend Play Watches and Bracelets for kids


Now isn't that just such a fun word- upcycled? According to Hipcycle, “Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful.” – See more about the distinction between recycling and upcycling at: http://hipcycle.com/what-is-upcycling#sthash.XZcnJIY3.dpuf.

I kind of love that definition because today's crafts are sooo fun and, at least according to my 4.5 year old, very beautiful! 🙂

My kids have been running around the house with these on since I made them, my 2.5 year old son insists on wearing both on one wrist at times. My 4.5 year old daughter calls them friendship bracelets, which I have to admit I love.

Baby Food and Apple Sauce Pouches

We went through a big baby food pouch and apple sauce pouch phase when my son was starting solids. My daughter knew what the pouches were and always wanted one when she saw me giving on to my son. And not that I give her everything she wants but this one was easy because it meant she was eating fruits and vegetables. It just wasn't a battle I needed to fight.

And if you know me…it might have also had something to do with the fact that I love those darn colorful caps! So eye-catching, they beg to be used for something fun!

We have tried many brands or baby food pouches and applesauce pouches over time and have really not been unhappy with any of them. Here are a few to give you some ideas, if they are new to you:

Buddy Fruits (applesauce pouches available in fruit and veggie varieties)
Happy Baby (wide range of pouches from baby up to toddler and beyond, as well as other snacks)
Kabrita (Goat milk yogurt, a gentle dairy)
Earth's Best (wide range of pouches, jars and snack foods)
Plum Organics (probably the most unique varieties, including grains and less common vegetables)
Gerber (Yep, even the big guys have pouches)

Anyhow. So those are pouches. Go crazy folks. Because when you are done you will have a lovely collection of colorful plastic caps. Okay. Tutorial time!

Upcycled Crafts -Pouch Cap Watches and Bracelets


Pouch Caps
Ribbon (I used 5/8 inch grosgrain ribbon)
Velcro Dots (any color)
Pipe Cleaners (if you want to make watch hands)
Sharpie Markers (if you want to write the watch numbers on)
Pliers (optional)
Scissors or kitchen shears


Easy Recycled Pouch Caps Crafts Tutorial for Kids

First wash out those pouch caps. Once dry, use your fingernails or pliers to remove the plastic ring from the underside, where it was attached to the pouch.

Tutorial for Toy Watches and Bracelets Using Recycled Baby Food Pouch Caps

Next trim lengths of ribbon for the bracelets. The length will depend on the wearer's wrist of course. Slide one end of the ribbon from the bottom of the pouch cap, through the spokes to the top, then back down the opposite side.

For the bracelets, all that is left is to add the velcro dots on the ribbon to fit your child's wrist.

Pouch Cap Craft Tutorial

For the watches, you can use the Sharpie marker to write the numbers around the face of the “watch” and then insert a pipe cleaner up through the spokes for the hands. Give the pipe cleaner a twist to keep it in place, then using kitchen shears or even a wire cutter, snip the pipe cleaner off to the size you want. (Using craft scissors to cut pipe cleaners may mar the blade of the scissors.) You can fold the ends of the pipe cleaners under if you wish.

And ta-daaa! You're done! Super easy, super upcycled crafts! Woohoo!

For more inspiration, check out my collection of DIY Toys and Pouch Cap Crafts!

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Upcycled Crafts - Pouch Cap Watches and Bracelets - Click through for the quick tutorial, how fun!


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