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5 DIY LEGO Birthday Card Tutorials

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We are following up our DIY Lego Wall post with a collection of DIY LEGO Birthday Card tutorials– all for the Toddler Approved LEGO Week!

5 DIY Birthday Cards to Make for LEGO Lovers from Lalymom

If you have a LEGO Lover in your family or circle of friends, you should keep these in mind for their next birthday party. They would all be cool to use for LEGO birthday party invitations, birthday cards or even thank you cards!

I have two for you myself and I found 3 other great ideas from other super bloggers!

Craft Foam LEGO Brick Birthday Card Materials

5 DIY Birthday cards for Lego Fans on Lalymom

1 Sheet of Craft Foam in color desired

Small round object- shot glass or milk bottle cap for example

Permanent Marker for the inside message


Craft Glue

Craft Foam LEGO Brick Birthday Card Tutorial

Tutorial to make LEGO Birthday Cards on Lalymom

Prep the foam- Press your round object down onto your craft foam to make 4 circles. This is your cutting template. Cut out the circles. From the remaining foam cut out a rectangle that, when folded in half will be square. Mine is about 4 inches by 8 inches so when I folded it in half it is a 4 inch square. Fold the rectangle in half and crease the fold. If the card doesn't stay closed you may want to lightly score the fold with your scissors blade, being careful not to cut through it.

Add the circles- Using your craft glue, stick the circles onto the front of the card as shown. Let dry.

Finish the inside- Write your message and sign it, you're done! The message we used was “Hope your birthday is built to perfection!”

Construction Paper LEGO Brick Birthday Card Materials

5 DIY Cards to Make for Lego Lovers on Lalymom

1 Sheet of construction paper

1 Egg carton or mini cupcake pan

Matching colored paint

Paint palette, such as a paper plate

Marker for your message


Construction Paper LEGO Brick Birthday Card Tutorial

How to make lego cards for birthday party or other occasion on Lalymom

Size your card- Hold your egg carton or cupcake tin over your paper to see how big to make the LEGO brick front cover. Crease it on the left side and trim any unwanted paper with your scissors.

Stamp the card- Add paint to your paint palette and spread it around. Press your egg carton or cupcake tin into the paint making sure only the circles you want to stamp on the card are covered with paint. Press it down onto the card and remove. Allow the paint to dry.

Finish the inside- Add your message, sign it and you're done! As we did with the other one, we used the message, “Hope your birthday is built to perfection!”

Three More Ways to Make LEGO Cards

5 DIY Special Occasion Cards for LEGO Lovers on LalymomWant more? Check out these three other ideas for making super cool LEGO cards!

Top left: Print and color some LEGO minifigure outlines like Mama Smiles did, and let the kids design them for a cool card!

Bottom Left: Even the littlest kids could stamp Duplo bricks in paint and stamp them onto paper to make a super cool card like this LEGO Art from Kids Activities Blog.

Bottom Right: Stamp paint onto colored tissue paper and when it dries it can be used to make LEGO collage cards like they made over at The Imagination Tree.

For more LEGO Ideas, gifts, activities and party inspiration, check out my LEGO and DUPLO Pinterest Board!

LEGO and DUPLO activities ideas and party inspirations board from Lalymom


Duplo and Lego Ideas for Kids on Lego Week

This is part of a week long celebration of all things LEGO over at Toddler Approved. She and a group of us bloggers will be sharing LEGO ideas on our blogs and Facebook Pages all week long!

Are you a big LEGO fan? Have you made your own LEGO cards before? What are your favorite LEGO Activities? Let's hear about it in the comments below!

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