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Giant Alphabet Activities

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Today I am joining up with my friends at The Inspired Treehouse for their Brain Boosters Active Learning Series! They are sharing all sorts of educational activities that have one thing in common- they really get you moving! Great for gross motor skills AND academic learning! Bonus! Affiliate links are included in this site.

Life Size Alphabet Activities for Kids - Giant ABCs on a Vertical Surface

Our giant ABCs activity was super easy to set up. It can be adapted for your own home or classroom and your own child's abilities.

In our house we happen to have a white refrigerator that you see side-on in the hall way. We finally removed our Huge Chicka Chicka Fridge Fridge Tree and used that as a vertical writing surface.

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If you don't have a white fridge, I've got some other ideas for you. If you have a set of sliding glass doors or mirrors that go all the way to the floor, you can use Window Markers or Chalk Window Markers.

You could also use one or two tall lengths of white contact paper or chalk board contact paper and stick it to a flat vertical surface. Be careful that you have low tack contact paper and that you test your surface to be sure it will not harm it! You can use dry erase markers on white contact paper or the chalk board paper can be used with the chalk window markers.

Last but not least if you actually have access to a full length chalk board or easel, that of course would work nicely too!

Giant Alphabet Activities

Giant Life Size Alphabet Activities for Kids- Part of the Brain Boosters Active Learning Series

Once you prep your writing surface let your kids know that you have special markers to write on this special writing surface. Let them know that they are not for writing anywhere else, such as floors or other walls, just to be safe. 🙂

You can start by drawing dots to show the kids how to write their full size ABCs. For the A you would place a dot at the right bottom corner, then in the center, as high as you think your child can reach, then another dot at the bottom right.

Your child should have to squat to reach the bottom dots and reach above head level to reach the top dot. You can place as many dots as your child needs to form the letters, or none at all if they are having an easy time of it.

After you're done with each letter you can trace over them with a dry erase eraser or damp paper towel to erase it and get ready for the next letter!

Life Size ABCS! Gross Motor Alphabet Activities for Kids

We did A and B for the camera and then put it away to have fun with it. You can use this for letters, numbers shapes, any basic writing. It was pretty fun but my daughter got a little impatient with erasing the letters in between.

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Head on over to The Inspired Treehouse for more from their Brain Boosters Active Learning series!

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