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Kids Activities on a Vertical Plane

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Welcome to another week of Fine Motor Fridays! Today I'm sharing a collection of kids activities on a vertical plane. I also have some affiliate links for easy shopping if you want to take your child's play vertical!

40 Fun Vertical Play Ideas - Vertical Surfaces challenge kids muscles, coordination and motor skills. Check out these DIY Kids activities to take your play on the vertical!

Recently I watched an EdWeb educational webinar about Fine Motor Skills by Marianne Gibbs of Write Out of the Box and found it so informative. In one part she was describing how kids today develop the muscles in their hands differently than kids did before the advent of video games and handheld electronics. One of the things she talked about was working on a vertical plane and how this helps strengthen so many muscles and get back on track with proper development.

It got me thinking- we have done a lot of vertical surface activities in our house! I knew it was great for fine and gross motor skills but I didn't really know the full how and why of it.

I wanted to know more about this so I asked my friends over at The Inspired Treehouse for an explanation. Head on over to read the Occupational Therapists Perspective on Working on a Vertical Surface. They have loads of great information about Fine and Gross Motor Skills as well as tons of great activities to aid development.

I'm proud to say most of these activities come from me and my fellow Fine Motor Fridays Gals! We have sure done a lot of vertical work in our house!

40 Ideas for Vertical Play

Click through the links below for full details. Pictured in the collage above, left to right starting at the top. 

Make a DIY Alphabet Chart that goes great with my Printable ABC Cards.

Let your toddler go vertical with this Simple Color Activity.

Create some super simple Velcro Lids for use on a felt board.

Try some Big Bubble Wrap Activities on the wall or window.

Blast off with a super cool Outer Space Box Fort.

Put your child's favorite character on the window like our Frozen Fractals Sticky Collage.

Make a simple but fun Giant Magnetic Chicka Chicka Book Boom Tree.

Channel your inner Dr. Seuss by making some Sticky Truffula Trees.

Play with Velcro Rollers on the Vertical.

Make a Sticker Zoo.

Did you know you could use Slime on Windows?

Create an Outdoor Writing Center.

Make a Mondrian Inspired Window Collage.

Take your block building vertical with a Removable, Non-Permanent LEGO Wall.

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More Awesome Vertical Plane Play Activities

Another way to take blocks vertical is to make a Fridge Lego Board.

Play the Rainbow Throw and Draw Game.

You can make fun Play Dough Window Art too!

Make a super fun Water Wall.

Learn numbers on the fridge with Dry Erase Markers and Magnets.

Create amazing designs on a DIY Geoboard.

Use Chalk Markers on Windows and Mirrors.

Take it to the next level by Drawing Self Portraits on Mirrors.

Create a Wet Window Flower Name Game.

Sneak in some vertical play during pretend play time with a Recycled Cardboard Dashboard.

Make and Easy DIY Felt Board.

Learn beginning letter sounds with a Sticky Wall Letter Match.

window clings

Lalymom Fan Amber Dingman shared an AWESOME vertical fine motor activity: Peeling and Sticking Window Clings! Thanks Amber, love it!

You can also make your own version of Window Clings with this Shape Matching Window Activity.

Build 3D Shapes on a Window using Magnatiles.

Love the open ended art made with this Sticky Wall Art activity.

Use two ingredients for some Simple Play with Texture Brushes.

Set up a Simple Sticky Tree Activity.

Make an awesome and easy Ribbon Pull Board.

Go on a letter hunt with this ABC Star Match.

Create a Sticky Tree Mosaic.

How fun is this Chalk Drawing and Spraying Activity?!

Some Simple Fridge Pom Poms would be fun for any kid!

Connect some Star Magnets on the fridge.

Make like Seuss with this hilarious 10 Apples Up on Top activity.

Create an Upcycled Car Dashboard for your playroom wall.

Remember to read the Occupational Therapists Perspective on Working on a Vertical Surface. 

Fine Motor Fridays

Click through for more awesome Fine Motor Skills ideas from my fellow Fine Motor Fridays gals! Be sure to follow the Fine Motor Friday Pinterest Board and check out our AWESOME book!!

Taste-Safe Kinetic Sand Alternative from House of Burke

Sorting Pom Poms from Powerful Mothering

21 Fine Motor Activities using Dot Stickers from School Time Snippets

Fine Motor Fridays Pinterest Board

99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5 - Available in Print, Kindle and eBook editions on Lalymom.com

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