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Fun Writing Prompts Using Wall Decals

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As my daughter becomes more and more excited about writing, I will be sharing some of the fun writing activities we do at home. Today's Fine Motor Friday writing activity is about how to use wall decals for fun writing prompts. Affiliate links are included in this post if you would like to create your own!

Encourage Writing with these fun Writing Prompts

I love finding ways to use my kids' current interests to encourage them to read and write. When I saw these funny removable Minion wall decals on Amazon Lightning deals it gave me the idea for another fun vertical surface activity. Taking writing activities vertical helps build core and upper body strength, all of which help with writing skills.

Wait, fun AND beneficial? BONUS! We obviously did this in our home but I think it could be a fun addition to a daycare room, preschool or as a fun writing center in a classroom. You know, on all those blank walls in your classroom…. hmmm. If there are no walls, maybe set it up on an easel or dry erase board. Even a large window with some washable window markers would be cool!

So you could really set this up with ANY character wall decals you want. There are SO many on Amazon. You can see a list of them here on Amazon, or search Amazon for your favorite characters.

We also have a set of Frozen wall decals that I am saving for winter break when my daughter needs a fresh activity. I tooootally want some Mo Willems wall decals but I am holding out for Gerald and Piggie, our favorite word bubble characters!

This was super quick to set up and because the wall decals are reusable, we can rotate them out as interest wanes.

As you can see we use the side of our fridge for this writing activity. You may recall our lovely white fridge from such famous activities as Chicka Chicka Fridge Fridge and Gross Motor Giant Letter Writing. The decals are meant to be used on walls so you should have no issue with it if you have a nice blank wall to use instead.

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DIY Character Writing Prompts


Favorite Character Wall Decals

Chalkboard contact paper


Damp cloth as an eraser



Decide on a location for your character writing prompt. Make sure your child will be able to reach at least a foot above the top of the decal. Place the decals on the wall. Cut out word bubbles from the black contact paper, peal the paper backing and place the word bubbles above the characters. Done and done. Brownie points for you, cool adult!

Ways to Play

Free Play – Obviously the kids should just be given free reign over these as soon as they see them. If you and they would like more structured activities, try some of the following.

Two Person Conversations – You write something in one character's word bubble and your child makes the other character respond.

Running Prompts – Our characters are in our kitchen so we walk past them a lot. Whenever my daughter is not around I erase the words and write something on one of them and wait to see when she notices. Then she secretly tries to write something when I don't see and she gets so excited when I finally see it. The anticipation is actually the most fun part. It's become a funny little game for us and I love that it encourages her to read AND write.

Character Math – Write math problems in one word bubble and encourage your child to answer in the other one.

Hints Game – Take turns giving hints. When it is your turn you write one word in your word bubble. The other person tried to guess the word you are thinking of by writing it in the other bubble. An example might be:

Me: Tall

Her: Giraffe

(Nope, we both erase and she gets a second hint.)

Me: Glasses

Her: Daddy

Yep! She wins, her turn now!
Create Silly Writing Prompts for Kids

What kind of activities would you do with these fun writing prompts? I'd love to hear suggestions in the comments!

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