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ABC Letters Printable Alphabet Cards

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Today's post offers a fun, free DIY project that allows for a wide range of ABC Letter activities for kids. These free printable alphabet cards are so versatile and can be used with babies, toddlers, preschoolers- even school aged kids! Printable ABC Letter Cards from Lalymom - These printable cards come in three formats- flash cards, memory match and magic reveal for use with light tables and windows! Come print yours today!I have been planning these cards for months and as I was starting to thinking about the images I wanted, I saw some beautiful printables from Melissa at Mama Miss. She does such amazing work from her crafts, recipes and printables that I just really wanted to work with her.

I reached out to her and as luck would have it she was willing to work with me and designed a lovely set of graphics JUST for this set! So here you have a one-of-a-kind Mama Miss & Lalymom collaboration! She designed the images from Apple to Zebra and I turned them into three sets of printable cards, available to you for free!

I think these would be so fun for everyday play, summer learning and even homeschooling! They actually are just about the same size as your standard memory cards, and they fit perfectly in the pockets of our Alphabet Pocket Chart Baby Gate Cover!

So here is the deal. You print them the way you want to use them! We did all the work of making them pretty!

ABC Letters Flash Cards

The first way you can print these cards is a picture & letter flash card, which has both the image and the corresponding letter on the same side of the card. It is the center card in the very top image there. Just load some cardstock into your printer, print, cut and play! Laminate them for added durability!

For front and back flash cards, where your child has to flip the cards over to see the letter, use the Memory Match set (left one in that top picture) printed front to back. Same thing, print, cut and laminate if you want!

Alphabet Memory Match Cards

The second way you can print these is as Memory Match Cards (again, top left). You can print large images cards and separate large letter cards. Then once they are printed and cut, you can play a game of Memory Match bu flipping them all face down, and turning them over two at a time until you get a match!

Magic Reveal Letter Cards

This was actually my original idea for this set and I love it! If you print the Magic Reveal Cards front to back on cardstock, you will be able to see the image on the front and when you hold it up to a light table, light box or window, the correct letter is revealed! MAGIC! You can see what they look like in the bottom two images of that photo up there. The one where you can see the A is actually because the light shining through the card! Fun, right?!

Printable Alphabet Flash Cards from Lalymom - Beautiful printable cards, available in three print formats for flash cards, memory match cards or magic reveal cards!

The great news is that these awesome printable ABC Letter Cards are available to you for free just for signing up for my newsletter! 

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ABC Cards from Lalymom Sidebar 300 X 86

You'll receive an email to confirm your subscription and then the email with the printables. Let me know how you use them!

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Printable ABC Letter Cards from Lalymom - Three different print options means you can make flashcards, memory match cards and magic reveal cards!

Would you like more ideas for letter learning? I've got TONS of amazing ideas on my Alphabet Pinterest Board! Come follow me there to get the latest and greatest inspiration!

Alphabet Activities for Toddlers Preschoolers and Kids Pinterest Board from Lalymom

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