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Simple Toddler Pre Writing Activities

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Coming at you today with some super simple pre writing activities for toddlers. Nothing crazy and very low-prep.

Easy Toddler Pre Writing Activities

Lately I feel like I have just been sharing the simplest things. Like really, you turned a box into a bulldozer blade? Congrats! It's the kind of thing that I'd do to occupy the kids while I was writing up a more complex blog post. Sad but true.

I am sure we all have these little things we do with or for our kids, and we all just take it for granted. Well today I'm sharing it anyhow and hopefully it sparks some playful learning for someone else! Plus, sometimes we all need something super quick to set up!

I think this is the kind of activity that would be perfect for someone homeschooling older siblings with a younger sibling who wants in on the action.

In fact, this activity came about at our house exactly because little brother wanted to do what big sister was doing.

She was doing her Valentine's Day Salt Tray that I set out for her and he totally could have used the arrow and done the salt tray but they were both so excited to get their hands on it that it was hard to share and take turns.

I grabbed a lasagna pan (that's what we call them in an Italian family anyhow) and added some salt.

Little brother wanted his own arrow but I had put all the materials away already. I handed him one of the cars from his Hot Wheels Busy Book (Seen here at this Amazon affiliate link: http://amzn.to/1C23gLe) and let him make car tracks instead.

(Note: I like these cars for him because unlike normal Hot Wheels the wheels on these do not move and it is all a molded plastic body, with no crevices for the salt to get stuck. Perfect for driving through salt!)

This lends itself to several ideas for simple toddler pre writing activities!

Car Salt Tray on Lalymom - Simple Low prep toddler activity

More Ideas:

First of all, literally ANY of the figures from the My Busy Books Series would be fun to play with in a salt tray. My top picks for this kind of activity would be Frozen and Thomas the Train. Check them all out on Amazon at this easy affiliate link: http://amzn.to/1CCaBGz

Also just a plain old finger would be fun and easy too. If you don't want to use salt, flour or cornstarch would be great too.

Stamping plastic letters into the salt would be fun and a great way to expose them to letters early on.

Add a white piece of paper under the salt and let them use watercolors. It would be fun to see the salt take the color and you'd wind up with art work at the end too!

What are your favorite low-prep, super simple toddler activities? Come by my Facebook Page to share!

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