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Cardboard Crafts – DIY Bulldozer Blade Toy

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Time for yet another easy and fun DIY Toy tutorial! Today I'm sharing one of our cardboard crafts, it's a super easy cardboard box bulldozer blade! As usual I've the tutorial below, including affiliate links.

Cardboard Crafts- Easy Bulldozer Blade DIY Toy for kids

My two year old son has many obsessions. Yesterday I told you about his Rocket Ship obsession. Today it's all about construction vehicles.

We have a whole host of toys and books that go along with (indeed, perhaps even fuel) this obsession.

We've got your standard construction vehicle toy set, Goodnight, Goodnight construction site, the CAT Shift and Spin Dump Truck and the Ultimate Construction Site Book looks crazy awesome but I don't think we are QUITE ready for it yet.

But one day I was relaxing over winter break and thought it would be fun to try to turn a cardboard box into a bulldozer blade. Because…why not?

We had transformed a cardboard box into something cool before when we made our Fine Motor Dashboard, which was a HUGE hit with the kids.

So here you go, the super simple tutorial.

Cardboard Box Bulldozer Blade


Cardboard box (ours was a shallow Amazon box that a couple hardcover books came in, a shoe box might be even easier but I went with this.)
Box cutter
Safe cutting surface (cutting board)
Packing tape


DIY Cardboard box toy tutorial - Easy Bulldozer Blade Toy

Lay your box with one of the smaller flaps on your cutting surface. Cut off to corner of the flap, then cut out a hole for a handle. Turn the box over and do the same to the other short flap.

Wrap some packing tape around the handle part for durability and comfort. Now tape the smaller flaps down to the outside of the box, which means the handles will stick out past the bottom of the box.

Cardboard Crafts Tutorial - Easy Bulldozer Toy from Cardboad Box

Next cut ALMOST all of the longer flaps off- cut clear across the flap, about 1 inch from the fold where the flap meets the box. Now you are going to make the teeth of the blade. Snip lines in the remaining small flap all the way to the fold of the box. Next cut EVERY OTHER square off the box.

Aaand…..you're DONE! Easy. Fun. DO IT! Then tell me about it over on my Facebook Page! I'd love to see you cardboard craft creations too!

Check out these other recycled construction trucks:

If you liked this idea, please pin it and check out some of my other DIY Toys, which are usually made from recycled materials!

Easy Cardboard Box Craft - DIY Bulldozer Blade Toys for Kids


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