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Shrinky Dinks Jointed Robot

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Shrinky Dinks Jointed Arms and Legs Robot from Lalymom

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My 3 year old daughter has been going through a Robots phase now that her Circus fascination has ended. I saw this post on Artchoo‘s facebook page last week with a challenge: Make Robots with your kids! We had on hand a few packs of Graphix Clear Shrink Film (similar to Shrinky Dinks) at American Science Surplus, so I thought we would give it a try. I found this jointed shrinky dinks doll of Hobby Loco's via pinterest and printed her template for an idea of scale.

Since I'VE been in a melty beads phase with our crafts, I started out trying to make her a super duper cool jointed robot with melty bead eyes and buttons. This…didn't turn out as planned…the first or the second time…

Shrinky Dinks plus Melty Hama Perler Beads from Lalymom

The second time I tried cutting the beads smaller but it was still too much and I didn't want to waste more shrinky dink film so I scrapped the melty beads. Luckily I had scanned a copy of the robot so all I had to do was print the scan and trace it to try again.

Want to make your own? Here are the details!

I have that template as a Fan Freebie on my facebook page if you'd like. Just head over, like my page and click the Fan Freebie tab! The directions are there too. And if you are looking for more fun ways to use shrinky dinks, I invite you to check out my Shrinky Dink Fun Pinterest Board!


1 Sheet of Shrink Film
4 Jump Rings
Sharpie Markers
Needle Nose Pliers
Preheated Oven
Parchment Paper
Robot Template 


1. Print Template (should be the full size of a printed sheet).

2. Trace on a clear sheet of shrink film using sharpie permanent markers.

3. Cut out all pieces. Note: Some pieces share common lines to reduce waste. Use a single hole punch to punch holes on the joint dots. If desired, retrace with a thick black line along the outside.

4. Baking the torso by itself, and sandwiched between 2 sheets of parchment on a metal baking sheet, bake according to package instructions (for me this was many minutes at 300 degrees).

5. When done shrinking remove from oven and set something heat proof, flat and heavy on top of the piece to assure it is flat.

6. Repeat baking for arms and legs, between parchment as well.

7. Once cool, using needle nose pliers twist open jump rings, slip onto the arms and legs and then attach to torso, twist them closed.

ETA: Georgina asked how big he is when he's all done and the answer is 6 inches tall:

Graphix Shrink Film Robot from Lalymom

Ta-da! Meep! Mop! Beep! Boop!


Jointed Arm and Leg Robot with Shrinky Dinks from lalymom

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  1. I love shrinky dinks and your robot project is perfect for my grand daughter to make on her next visit with me. I have just started following your shrinky dink Pinterest board.

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