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DIY Rocket Ship Toy

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In a world of store-bought toys, I can't help but get caught up in the fun of creating my own DIY Toys every now and then. These DIY Rocket Ship Toys are my latest creation! This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.

Launching Cup Rocket Craft and DIY Toy from Lalymom

My 2 year old son loves rocket ships and he will basically turn any every day item that is vageuely rocket-ship-shaped into a rocket ship, using just his imagination.

I'll hear him in the next room saying, “It's….a….ROCKET SHIP….!!!! 3-2-1 Blastooooffff!” It could be anything and I have to say there are times when I'm a little afraid to look! Haha!

He received this super cool Rocket Ship Toy for Christmas and really just loves it! It has not stopped him from finding rocket ships in other every day items though.

Got a Rocket Ship Lover Too?

Before we get to the tutorial, here are some other fun rocket ship gifts from my son's wishlist.

Stomp Rockets (One of his top favorite birthday gifts EVER)

Kid Sized Rocket Ship Coloring Kit (We saw this at an awesome space themed birthday party!)

LEGO Space Shuttle (Drool!)

NASA Space Ship 3D Puzzle (Maybe when he's a bit older.)

Estes Alpha III Launch Set (Okay maybe when he's much older, lol)

Rocket Ship Play Tent

Launch Rocket Science Kit

Water Rocket Kit

DIY Toys

I saw a super fun craft over at A Little Pinch of Perfect where she used a very unique but very common household item to make some seriously cute hopping froggies. I love the creativity and knew right away that I wanted to make something using this household item.

So one day when my son was in the other room finding something to blast off, it came to me that it would make the perfect Rocket Launcher!

I love this craft because it was super simple to put together and it requires some hand eye coordination to make it work right. My little guy is still working on it but he loves it when big sister or I launch it for him.

I also love that you can add the little photo of your little astronaut peaking out the window!

We had some mini red solo cups left over from our Santa Hats Cup Stacking Game and I realized those were juuuust the right size to make a Rocket Ship for this project. Here is a quick tutorial.

How To Make a DIY Rocket Ship Toy

Rocket Ship Toys Materials:

DIY Rocket Ship or Space Shuttle Toys for Kids

Mini red solo cups
Ribbon (I used 1/8 double faced satin ribbons in red, yellow and orange)
Hot glue gun
Small photo of your child, if desired
The spring loaded toilet paper roll holder to use as the launcher

Rocket Ship Toys Instructions:

DIY Toy Tutorial - Launching Rocket Ship Cup Toy

Cut many 1,5 inch lengths of each colored ribbon. Using your hot glue gun, working with 1/3 of the cup rim at a time, add a line of hot glue along the inside of the cup rim. Working quickly, stick the ribbons into the hot glue to look like the blasting fire at the back of the rocket ship. I found that doing 1/3 of the cup at a time gave you enough time to add the ribbon before the glue dried. Allow the glue to harden and dry fully before playing with it.

If you are using a photo of your child, cut it into a small circle and glue it to the side of the rocket ship, to look like an astronaut looking out the window.

You're done! Time to launch!

Hold the toilet paper roll holder in one hand and the rocket in the other, push the cup down onto the launcher, give it a good 3-2-1 countdown and let go! BOING! Blastoff!

If you like this idea please do pin it for later and check out some of my other DIY Toys! I also have a HUGE Pinterest Board of DIY Kids Stuff, so be sure to follow me there too!

Launching Cup Rocket DIY Toy for kids on Lalymom - How fun is that!

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