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DIY Mother’s Day Card

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Today I have a quick and easy DIY Mother's Day Card for you!


Easy DIY Mother's Day Card Craft from Lalymom

Mother's Day is this weekend, in case you are just getting the memo. Don't worry, you still have time to make a cute personalized DIY Mother's Day card for the mother- or in our case, Grandmother- in your life!


DIY Photo Mother's Day Card Craft from Lalymom


This card can be adapted based on what you have on hand. If you don't have the cute precut cards from Michael's dollar section, you can use construction paper. If you don't have a mailer from 1-800-flowers.com to tear pictures from, it's okay! You probably have a magazine, newspaper, computer & printer, etc around the house where you can find pictures of flowers! You could also use floral print tissue paper or gift wrap.

This would make a terrific Kid-made Mother's Day Card and is also adjustable for the age of the child and his or her skill level. Miss Three can use scissors but not to cut round shapes, just little lines. We chose to tear the pictures and I like the effect, it looks like flower petals. But if your child is skilled with the scissors this makes great practice! If tearing thicker paper or tearing exact shapes is too advanced, floral printed tissue paper or gift paper would be great for kids to get the hang of tearing without worrying about shapes.


Another fun way to sneak in fine motor skills practice while you craft would be to use craft punches or even a single hole punch and glue the flower printed confetti on the front of the card. Using a punch would be a great skill to learn for little hands and gets the muscles in those hands working!


If you already have a picture laying around that you want to use, hey you're one step closer! I had to look in our files to find one of both kids. (Mental note: Take More Sibling Pictures!!) Once I found the one I wanted and edited out a price tag hanging from Little Big Man's sunhat (classy!), I opened up a blank page in Microsoft Publisher. I inserted the photo, then on the picture tools tab, I selected picture shape. I chose oval and made the oval into a circle. Once I centered the picture the way I wanted it, I clicked in the blank space of the page. Then I clicked on the photo again and dragged the corner square inward to make the photo smaller. There are rulers on the edge of the page so you can size your photo to fit the cut out. Be sure to account for the margins. Once you have it the size and shape you want, you can copy and paste as many as you need onto the same page before you print and cut them out.


Assembling is half the fun! Ladybug loves using glue stick. The inside says “Dear Grandma, We hope happiness blooms for you! Happy Mother's Day!” We signed the kids names after I snapped the picture, of course. Voila, there you have a totally customized photo Mother's Day Card! Happy Mother's Day to you!


Materials for DIY Photo Mother's Day Card


Pre-cut gift cards, construction paper or cardstock
Mailers, magazines, photos or printouts of flowers (or floral print tissue paper)
Scissors (optional)
Glue stick
Hole Punch (optional)


Quick Tutorial for DIY Photo Mother's Day Card


1. Prep your card if you do not have pre-cut gift cards (fold construction paper or cardstock in half and cut or punch a hole where you want the photo).
2. Tear or cut out various flowers and bouquets from the pictures.
3. Arrange the cut outs around the center hole to look like petals of a flower and glue them in place.
4. Glue the photo in the center of the circle.
5. Open the card and write your message! Allow glue to dry before placing it in the envelope!


Thanks for checking out this easy tutorial for a DIY Mother's Day Card! Have you crafted something fun for Mother's Day? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below, or stop by my facebook page to share a photo! For more Mother's Days Cards and Gifts Inspiration come follow my Mother's Day Board on Pinterest!
DIY Mother's Day Cards and Gifts Pinterest Board from Lalymom

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