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30+ Crazy Awesome Instant Pot Potluck Recipes

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Potluck recipes are so hard to find when you really need them! Today I've put together 30+ Awesome Instant Pot Potluck Recipes so you have tons to choose from, right at your fingertips. FYI, affiliate links are used in this post.

30+ Quick and Easy Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Recipes for Picnics and Potluck

Potluck recipes are ideal for Labor Day Picnics, Memorial Day Parties, 4th of July Get-togethers, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Halloween outings and more.

Using an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for potluck recipes makes total sense. I'm always rushed for time when we're headed to a party. I need to get everyone dressed, remember the sunblock, bug spray, and to remind everyone to take a potty break before we leave. Even me.

The last thing I need is to cook for a billion hours.

Cue the Instant Pot pressure cooker. Make it fast, baby! Woo!

Let's check out some awesome potluck recipes that can be prepared lickity-split in your pressure cooker.

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Instant Pot Potluck Appetizer Recipes

Dips and appetizers are usually a quick and easy option when you're looking for potluck recipes. With the instant pot these recipes are even easier.

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Crispy Polenta Bites – SWOON. Technically you cook the polenta with the IP and then bake the bites to a crisp but the whole recipe is so quick that I have no idea why I'm not eating these RIGHT NOW. And every day.

Instant Pot Applebee's Copycat Spinach Artichoke Dip – Oooooo yes please.

Instant Pot Chili Con Queso Dip – Ooey Gooey goodness.

Hop Popper Jalapeno & Chicken Dip in the Instant Pot – Wowza!

Swedish Meatballs in the Pressure Cooker – Herda Fjerda Gerda (I think that means “it's really good” in Swedish Chef)

30+ Potluck Recipes for your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker - The Quick and Easy way to make party food for a big group!

Pressure Cooker Potluck Side Dish Recipes

Sides really are what a pot luck is all about right?! So we have a ton of Potluck Recipes for side dishes to peruse.

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Dill Pickle Potato Salad in the Instant Pot – BTW If you're not adding dill pickle (and even some pickle juice!) to every mayo based salad you are seriously missing out.

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese – A classic.

Instant Pot Pizza Pasta – A totally unique, yummy dish to pass.

No Soak Instant Pot Baked Beans  – No picnic is complete without them.

Instant Pot Black Eye Peas – YUM-O!

Pressure Cooker Creamed Corn This sounds great.

Pressure Cooker Amish Macaroni Salad Gotta have the mac salad.

Instant Pot Chicken Cordon Blue Casserole – There's one you don't see every day, delish!

Big Batch of Quick Chili in the Instant Pot – One of our fave places for Instant Pot Recipes, BTW.

Instant Pot Twice Baked Potato Casserole – No. That wasn't me drooling. You must be mistaken….

Instant Pot Garlic Corn on the Cobb – Oh baby, come to mama!

Cajun Butter & Lime Pressure Cooker Corn on the Cobb – I couldn't pick between these two corn recipes, had to add them both.

Perfect Instant Pot Black Beans – Um. YUM.

Instant Pot Ranch Potatoes – Great alternative to potato salad.

eat the clock instant pot recipes cookbook

Instant Pot Potluck Entree Recipes

Whether you're in meal planning mode or just excited about your new pressure cooker, check out my other popular posts:

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20+ Easy But Awesome Instant Pot Dinner Recipes

If you're hosting or responsible for a main dish, these potluck recipes are for you!

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Pressure cooker Kalua Pork – One of my ALL TIME FAVE Instant Pot Recipes. For REAL, serves a TON.

Pressure Cooker Buffalo Chicken Wings – Okay this could be an appetizer or an entree, you decide.

Instant Pot Cajun Shrimp and Sausage Boil – A whole meal in one pot, this cooks so fast you could do multiple batches for a big crowd in the blink of an eye.

Easy Pork Carnitas Tacos – This was the very first Instant Pot Recipe I've ever made, easy and delicious results. Increase the size and cooking time for a larger crowd.

1 Hour Smokey Beef Brisket – What the…? YES PLEASE.

Instant Pot Italian Beef Recipe – This would be great on a plate or a sandwich.

Instant Pot Barbacoa – This looks so savory.

Instant Pot Tamales – What?!?! Can you believe how fast she whips these up?!?

Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken – I love these flavors.

Instant Pot Brisket Sliders – Here's another one that could be used as an app or an entree. Either way it spells YUM.

Instant Pot Potluck Recipes for Dessert

Instant Pot Triple Chocolate Cheesecake – You will LOVE telling people you made this decadent dessert in your pressure cooker.

3 Ingredient Instant Pot Japanese Cheesecake – Totally unique dessert recipe.

Easy Instant Pot Chocolate Lava Cake – Say what?

Instant Pot Apple Crisp – Everyone loves a good crisp.

Instant Pot Key Lime Pie – Wow so flavorful.

What Potluck Recipes are you going to try for your next picnic or get-together?

Looking for more Instant Pot Recipes? Check out our favorite Instant Pot Cookbook!

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