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10+ AWESOME LEGO Books for LEGO Fanatics (And Their Parents & Educators)

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Today I have a collection of LEGO Books for you that are perfect for the LEGO® Lover in your life! It is also a great list for parents and educators who want to find ways to leverage their kids' excitement for LEGO® in ways to support their education. This post includes some affiliate links for easy shopping in case you want to pick up a few of these awesome titles.

10+ Awesome LEGO Books for Kids, parents and teachers

As you might have noticed by our recent LEGO Reading Aids and LEGO Ten Frames, we love using LEGOV pieces in our learning activities. Don't get me wrong: free play and set building are also favorite LEGO® activities in our house. Not every activity is directed or results-oriented. But these LEGO books take advantage of your child's love of all things LEGO® and add in bonus educational opportunities.

10+ LEGO Books for LEGO Lovers, Parents and Educators

The LEGO Architect

An awesome combination of history, architecture and LEGO® building, this book takes you on a trip through time and a trip around the globe. It includes real-world photos detailing different styles of architecture through the years and a discussion of the features of each style. There are also photos of impressive LEGO models of buildings in each style and instructions to make your own structure in that style. Just a fascinating read!

Where's the Pizza Boy?

This book is like the Where's Waldo of the LEGO® world. Great for working on visual scanning and concentration skills, this kind of book keeps my kids busy and engaged for a long time. There is also a Star Wars version called LEGO Star Wars: These Arent's the Droids You're Looking For. They make great car and waiting activities too.

LEGO The LEGO Movie: Emmet's Guide to Being Awesome

At face value this looks like just another LEGO book, but there is more to this “guide to being awesome,” written from the perspective of the main character from the LEGO® Movie. I think it is useful when talking about social situations and even morning routines. Funny and (mostly) applicable to every day life, it's another one to encourage reluctant readers!

The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO®: 100+ Inspiring Ideas 

Okay fine, I'm totally biased here because I'm one of the authors, but this really is a great book for LEGO® lovers and their parents. If you have a LEGO® lover then you know the power of these toys- why not use them to engage your kids in educational activities?! From counting and colors to STEM and literacy, this book covers a range of skills and topics. It is also available in eBook format.

Americas Best Buys 8 Pack Lego Silicone Candy Molds with Recipe eBook

This is an eBook and silicone mold bundle. The eBook has basic recipes for things to make with the LEGO® brick and minifigure molds. It gets kids excited about cooking, measuring and you could probably even sneak some science learning in there too!

Lego Recipe Kit

(pictured below:)

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Another kit set, this one teaches you and your LEGO® builder to make basic LEGO® machines that set off a chain reaction. I bought this for my niece and it is so cool! FYI you do need to have your own LEGO® stash because this set includes only the extra specialty pieces you need. Also because it uses paper pieces and the chain reactions require some amount of precision, having an adult nearby is helpful. It is great to learn about trial and error as well as cause and effect.

LEGO NINJAGO: Build Your Own Adventure

This kit seems like the next age level up from the KLUTZ one. If you have a NINJAGO fan though, it includes a Lloyd mini figure and the pieces to build his mech. If you have no idea what that means, you can ask your kid to translate. 😉  It also has instructions for your child to build NINJAGO creations with their own pieces as well as a story to go along with it. It would be helpful for encouraging reluctant readers who have an interest in this vein of LEGO® sets.

Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have: 50 New Robots, Dragons, Race Cars, Planes, Wild Animals and Other Exciting Projects to Build Imaginative Worlds

This book is in pre-order status but I already ordered mine. We have mostly basic LEGO® sets, without a lot of specialty pieces so this is perfect for us. My 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter love when this author puts out instructions for simple LEGO projects like this because they can run right over and build along with them without worrying that it uses pieces we don't have.

LEGO City: Adventures in LEGO City (Reader Boxed Set)

Another find for encouraging reluctant readers (and eager readers alike!) this box set of early readers would make a great addition to your budding reader's library. It seems like someone has already realized the power of using LEGO® to encourage reading because there are actually several phonics-focused LEGO® boxed sets of books, as well as series about LEGO City, NINJAGO and LEGO Friends and more.

LEGO®-Based Therapy: How to build social competence through LEGO®-based Clubs for children with autism and related conditions

I have not read this book but I am including it because it is a resource that may go unnoticed by people who could really use it. If you are here because you have a child (or work with a child) on the spectrum, who has ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome or a social development delay, this could be a helpful book for you. If you have any feedback on it please leave a comment as I'd love to add your perspective!

Let's keep the LEGO Books fun going! Join in the fun:

10+ Awesome Books for LEGO Lovers, their parents and educatators

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  1. Hi! I am a teacher and LEGO enthusiast. I have a blog all about LEGO, and I post all sorts of LEGO related things on Pinterest (including my favorite LEGO books and free colouring pages). “Brick Fairy Tales” is what I am currently reading (classic Fairy Tales depicted using LEGO). Really happy to have found your site!

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