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Sing Movie Activity for Kids – Simple Moon Theatre Wall Decoration

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Today I am sharing how to use a super simple Dollar Store Hack to make an awesome Sing Movie Activity for Kids. Introducing the DIY Moon Theatre Stage! I'm popping in a few affiliate links for easy shopping.

Sing Movie Activity for Kids - Easy Moon Theatre Stage Set - non-marking, -static cling hack!

We went to see the Sing Movie over the holidays and everyone in the family loved it.

I have to say there was a special place in my heart for the stay-at-home-mom turned dance superstar. I always say I was a professional dancer in another life! (Because I'm def nowhere close in this life! Ha!)

As the DVD Release Date for Sing Movie has arrived, it has us excited all over again!

My kids love pretend play so I knew they would love to have some Sing Pretend Play Time.

Originally I had the idea to make the kids a Sing puppet theater and use these free printable Sing Movie finger puppets on the Sing movie website.

But then. Cue dramatic music! I realized we could use a super simple, super cool dollar store hack to make our stage life-size!!

Dollar Store Hack

Last year my nephew had a Jurassic World themed birthday party. My sister-in-law, who is an evil genius (ok maybe not the evil part), taught me this genius hack.

She had Dino footprints all over the wall in black static cling material. I thought they were made from contact paper and asked her where she got them. She laughed and said her hubby would never let her stick contact paper to the walls.

Then she blew my mind and told me it's non-stick and it was only hung using static cling. The secret? Plastic party tablecloths!! The thin, disposable kind- not the thick laminated fabric kind. They come in a billion colors, you can cut them into any shape, rub it on your noggin and stick them on the wall!

I've used that hack a few times now and it's just crazy awesome.

Safety note: My kids are 4 and 6 but obviously if you have a baby or mouthing toddler in the house, save this hack until they're older. You would not want them to put this in their mouth or get tangled up in it.

Awesome dollar store hack- Use a tablecloth for static cling party decorations!

Sing Activity for Kids: DIY Moon Theatre

So now that I've let you in on this awesome trick let's get crafting!

This Sing Movie Activity would be really fun for a Sing themed birthday party but my kids have been playing with it on a regular old school day too.

It is just about the cheapest, simplest DIY toy I've ever made.


Large Red rectangular plastic tablecloth (the disposable kind)
Goldenrod or harvest yellow plastic tablecloth, any shape or size
Staticky heads
Empty wall
Rock star props
Sing movie soundtrack


-Choose a wall where you want to stick your Theatre. (Non-textured, smooth painted walls work best. Texture like stucco would provide less surface area to stick to.)

-Open the red tablecloth and trim the width to fit your wall. Make it as big or small as you want, but keep in mind the height of the kids who will be using it.

-Cut out the stage opening shape as shown, allowing space on either side for curtains as well as semi circles along the top of the stage curtains.Awesome Sing Movie Activity for kids! Use this Dollar Store Hack to make your own crazy easy Moon Theatre Stage Set - non-marking DIY Static cling!

-Open the yellow tablecloth and cut out a moon.

-With the red piece fully open, rub the entire thing across your head or maybe a fleece. But really, your head works fine.

-Hold the top up and flatten it against the wall and then try to flatten the rest to the wall. If at first you don't succeed do this ridiculous thing I did: Hold the top two corners of the piece in place while you rub your head and or sleeves across it to flatten it down. Any pieces that are not unfolded and flat against the wall will keep making it pull away.

-Ours stayed up with just static electricity for several hours but it was winter and the air was dry. If you really can't get yours to stay you could try sticky tack or try cutting the one big red piece into a few smaller pieces.

-Once you're happy with your stage, rub the moon over someone's noggin and stick that up there too.

-Put on rock star props, the Sing soundtrack, or your favorite tunes and rock out!

Okay I make it sound fiddly but it really was quick, easy and best of all – fun. The kids had a blast singing and posing for rock star pics.

What do you think? Ready to try this Sing movie activity?! Feel free to share your pics on the Lalymom Facebook page!

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