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Mooseltoe Ornament

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It's time for the annual 10 Days of Kid-made Christmas bloghop from Mama Miss! Once again this year the theme is Book-inspired Christmas Ornaments. We chose a fave from last year, Mooseltoe! Affiliate links are used in this post.

DIY Mooseltoe Ornament - Adorable Felt Christmas ornament to make with your kids when you read Mooseltoe- So Cute!

We love, love LOVED our Mooseltoe activities last year, and this ornament is inspired by the one we all enjoyed the most- making moostaches!

This ornament is super adaptable depending on the skills of your child. If you have a low temp glue gun and your child is old enough to use it, he or she could make the whole thing. If your child is younger, the cutting and beading would be perfect. For my toddler, he loved just adding the beads and the googlie eyes. It is up totally up to you and your child!

Mooseltoe Ornament

DIY Mooseltoe Ornament Materials


Mooseltoe book

Brown felt

Brown pipe cleaners, tan pipe cleaners also if you want them to be a different color

Assorted beads

Googlie eyes

Hot glue gun

Colored string or embroidery  floss


Assemble all materials and read through the steps to determine which steps your child will do.

Draw and cut out the shape of your moose head on the felt, adding a one in tab at the top and the bottom. The tab will be used to wrap around the pip cleaners. I had self adhesive felt so I drew my outline on the paper. You don't need that kind though, if you cannot see the drawing very well you can draw it on a sheet of paper and tape it to the felt as a template. I really just looked at the shape of his head and drew a shape.

Mooseltoe Ornament Tutorial Freehand Mooseltoe Felt Ornament Cut Out

Next place the pipe cleaners for the mustache on the bottom tab and fold the tab around the pipe cleaners to hold them in place. Using your hot glue gun, glue the tab shut. Repeat it with your antler pipe cleaners.

Felt Mooseltoe Ornament Tutorial

Glue or stick your googlie eyes onto the moose's face. Next decorate with your beads and colored string. Last but not least, glue on a string to hang him with. Done!

DIY Beaded Felt Moostelto Ornament - Perfect Kid-made Christmas Ornament for the holidays. Inspired by the super fun kids' book!

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Adorable DIY Felt Christmas Ornament to Make with your kids when you read Mooseltoe


10 Days of Kid-Made Christmas

Kid Made Christmas Ornament

We made this ornament as part of the 10 Days of Kid-Made Christmas series from Mama Miss! Be sure to head over to see ALL the awesome kid-made ornaments, this year they are all inspired by awesome books!



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