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Christmas Sensory Bin – Jingle Bells Music & Magnets Sensory Bin

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Today we are teaming up with some friends to bring you Christmas Sensory Bins to pair with Christmas Carols! Thanks to Sugar Aunts for hosting the Christmas Carols Sensory Bins Bloghop! There are a couple affiliate links in this post.

Christmas Sensory Bin for Kids - Fun Jingle Bells Activity combines magnets and music.

The Christmas Carol that I chose for our sensory bin is Jingle Bells. We did some really fun Jingle Bells Activities last year and this was fun to revisit the magnets with them.

As you can see your sensory bin doesn't have to be overflowing with a billion dollars of jingle bells for this to be a fun sensory activity. This one is 5 bags from the dollar store!

We found several ways to play with this sensory bin, which I will cover more at the bottom, but you can also just set this out as a discovery center and allow free play. I set this aside after our initial play time with it and my kids have revisited it on their own twice already.

Easy Jingle Bells Christmas Sensory Bin

Jingle Bells Christmas Sensory Bin for Kids - Perfect to explore magnets at Christmas time and to explore music as well as syllable break down!


Jingle Bells

Sparkly pipe cleaners (I wound them around my finger to make them spiral shaped)

Empty Christmas ornaments (I added a handful of bells to each one)

Magnet wands (they are available in a family pack, classroom pack or as a 2 pack with magnet balls & bingo markers)


Jingle Bells on in the background

Ways to Play with this Christmas Sensory Bin

Fun Christmas Carol Sensory Bin for Kids - Jingle Bells, Magnets and fun!

Free Play- Just let your kids dig in! They will play, explore, jingle, shake, stick and unstick the jingle bells.

Magnet Play- See how many jingle bells you can stick to the magnet wand! We loved sticking the bells in the ornament to the wand, the kids got a big kick out of that!

Jingle Bells Syllable Chunks – Holding loose jingle bells, or the bell-filled ornament take each word in Jingle Bells and shake the bells to see how many syllables each word has. You can do this with all the Christmas words, like Christmas, Tree, Angel, Star, Elf, Santa Claus and any others you prefer.

Music Time- Shake the bells to the beat of the song. It was fun to do this with the bell filled ornaments….but shaking the magnet wands to the beat is not recommended…it sends bells flying everywhere, trust me! 🙂

What would you and your kids do with this fun Jingle Bells Christmas Sensory Bin?

Perfect size to pin:

Magnets and Music! Jingle Bells Christmas Sensory Bin for Kids - Perfect Christmas activity to discover magnets, work on syllable chunks and practice keeping a beat. Lots of fun for free play too!

Christmas Carol Sensory Bins Blog Hop

This post is part of a lovely bloghop hosted by Colleen of Sugar Aunts. Check out all the Christmas Carol sensory bins for tons of great activity ideas!

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  1. Have to get those magnets! Nothing I have would hold up Christmas balls filled with jingle bells! And I’m sure my kids would love to play with this!

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