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3 Christmas Activities for Kids – Jingle Bells Fun

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Welcome back to another week of Fine Motor Fridays! This week I've got some fun Christmas Activities for Kids! These ones all use jingle bells, which we found to be a very fun material to play with this time of year! (Note: Affiliate links are used in this post for your convenience.)

3 Christmas Activities Using Jingles Bells - my kids love jingle bells!

We have been playing with jingle bells this week and it has been so much fun! And these little jingle bells are great for fine motor skills. Whether the kids are practicing their pincer grasp or using tools to pick them up, they got those little hands moving!

Jingle Bells Bottle

3 Kids Christmas Activities Using Jingle Bells on Lalymom.com - this looks so fun!

A while back we made a Frozen Themed Calm Down Glitter Bottle and it has kind of run its course. Today we re-purposed it by pouring out the glitter water and Frozen figures, then adding some jingle bells and water. Once it was full, my daughter explored using a magnet wand.

We used super cheap dollar store jingle bells, and they are probably not meant to be left in water for too long. (note: they will likely rust if you leave them in the water!) We took them out of the water shortly after my daughter was done playing with it. You could also do it without water, I just liked the way the bells floated down through the water.

This was really a neat activity for my daughter because we have not done a ton of science together yet. although I LOVED science as a kid! The neat thing about the jingle bells is that if you stick one bell to the magnet wand the next bell will stick to the bell since it is now magnetized. So my daughter had the cool surprised face when she saw all the bells stick together.

It was fun for us both to try to get as many bells as possible to the top of the bottle.

3 Jingle Bells Activities for Kids, Perfect for Christmas. Fun ways to explore science with preschoolers with a Christmas twist!

Jingle Bells Magnet Maze Christmas Activities for Kids

3 Easy Christmas Activities for Kids Using Jingle Bells - Great for Fine motor skills! Click to see all three fun activities!

This is kind of derived from our plastic cups twisty maze activities. In this version though, I borrowed the clear plastic lid from the container that I made into our Multicolored DIY Light Box. I just took some dry erase markers and drew a large winding maze shape on it with a house at the end. I placed the jingle bells under the lid (you might need to place objects under the 4 corners of your lid if the bells don't fit freely underneath) and gave my daughter the magnet wand.

I told her it was her mission to get all the jingle bells to the house, “Can you do it?!” She did, but it took a few tries before she realized that if she went slowly she could get more bells all at once. It was pretty fun to see if she could get ALL the bells without losing any. She did that over and over.

Jingle Bells Magnet Maze and Other Jingle Bells Activities for Kids on Lalymom.com

Jingle Bells Tilt Puzzle

Okay this one is literally left behind from last year when we did our cranberry activities. We just changed it up to make it more Christmas-themed by using a jingle bell instead of a cranberry. Tricky stuff!

3 Fun Christmas Activities for Kids that Use Jingle Bells on Lalymom.com - simple jingle bells tilt puzzle - how cool!

For this activity, you take a plastic take-out container, use a sharpie marker to color in the center section and add a jingle bell. Boom. DONE. So you start the jingle bell at the outside, and your child can tilt the lid to get the bell to stay still in the center red section! Now it may seem simple to you as an adult but this may be the first time your child has seen such a thing!

My daughter remembered this activity from the cranberry day, and it always blows my mind when she has such a good memory! So she quickly decided she would use her lid the same way we used the magnet maze! Out came the magnet wand!

Jingle Bells and Magnets on Lalymom.com

Then we talked about how touching the bells to the magnet would actually magnetize the bells and it would allow us to stick one bell to another bell, without it touching the magnet itself! Science is Cool!

Jingle Bells and Magnet - 3 Fun Christmas Fine Motor Skills Activities featuring jingle bells on Lalymom.com

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What is your favorite way to play with jingle bells? Any other favorite Christmas activities for kids that you can't get enough of? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Try These Cool Jingle Bells Activities for Kids - So many fun ideas for playing with jingles bells - Magnets, Mazes, Sensory Bins and more! Perfect for Christmas party stations.

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