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Magnets for Kids – 20 of the COOLEST Magnet Wand Activities

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Magnets are super cool and super educational, so they make perfect tools for kids activities. Today I am sharing a collection of magnet wand activities for exploring magnets for kids. I've added affiliate links to this post.

20+Magnet Wand Activities for Kids - What a cool way to explore magnets with kids!

We love playing with magnets at our house- in fact my parents always let me play with magnets as a kid and I think that is where my own fascination began.

There's just something about that amazing invisible pull between two objects that never gets old.

However there are safety concerns when playing with magnets- it's very dangerous for kids to swallow magnets. To explore the properties of magnets in a safe way, we use Magnet Wands.

You can get them in several different packages, to suit your needs:

The Family Magnet Wand Pack

The Classroom Pack of Magnet Wands

The Single Student Magnetic Fun Set

The Mighty Magnets Set (with other shapes of magnets)

The Fun With Magnets Set

A while back one of my lovely fans asked what we use these magnet wands for. I found a ton of ideas for her and I thought it would be handy to share them in a roundup, SO. Here we are! 🙂

Fun With Magnets for Kids

Magnets for Kids- Collection of 20+ of the Coolest Magnet Wand Activities - Love these fun science activities for kids! #magnets #kids #science

Click through to each link to see the full tutorial and how to do each magnets for kids activity:

Jingle Bells Magnet Discovery Bottle | Lalymom
Jingle Bells Magnet Sensory Bin | Lalymom
Spring Magnet Butterfly Maze | Lalymom
Bubble Wrap & Magnet Wands | Lalymom
Crazy Magnet Hairstyles | Laughing Kids Learn
Magnetic Letter Name Search Sensory Bin | Powerful Mothering
Adorable Magnetic Cereal Box Castle Theatre | The Educators' Spin On It
Magnet Painting | Craftulate
Muffin Tin Magnet Tray | Pre-K Pages
Super Cool Magnet Pendulum | Teach Beside Me
Exploring Science with Trains and Magnets | The Educators' Spin On It
Super Duper Spiderweb game for Preschoolers | Teach Preschool
Magnetic Ice STEM Activity | Little Bins for Little Hands
Preschool Magnet Discovery Table | Little Bins for Little Hands
Car Themed Invitation to Explore Magnets | And Next Comes L
How to Make a Compass | Gift of Curiosity
Magnet Marble Run | Craftulate
Magnetic Discover Bottles | Preschool Inspirations
Mess Free Magnet Learning Center | Left Brain Craft Brain
Magnet Track Craft | Meaningful Mama
Magnetic Duck Pond | Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls
Make a Magnetic Field Sensory Bottle | Left Brain Craft Brain

Indoor Magnet Game | What We Do All Day

Preschool Magnet Science | Creekside Learning


Am I missing your favorite Magnets for Kids Activities? Let's hear them in the comments below!

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