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Spring Activities for Kids – Easy Butterfly Magnet Maze

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Hiya! It's time for another Fine Motor Friday! Today I'm sharing one of our Spring Activities for Kids with this Easy Butterfly Magnet Maze. I've got a couple affiliate links in there in case you want to order the supplies.

Easy Spring Magnet Maze - Cool recycled activity, perfect for a magnet unit or fine motor and visual tracking skills!

We like our recycled crafts in our house and use quite a lot of materials from the recycle bin. Today's activity uses the lid from our clear plastic egg carton to create a magnet maze for a little butterfly friend.

This activity took about 5 minutes tops to set up. My toddler can do it but I meant it to be for my preschooler. She liked it too but it was kind of short for her. I think it would be best for maybe a 3 year old?

The quick tutorial for this magnet activity is below if you'd like to make your own. It is kind of like our jingle bells magnet activities and our twisty cups ideas put together actually, so be sure to check those out too! 


Butterfly Magnet Maze

Egg Carton Magnet Maze Materials

Clear plastic egg carton lid or other shallow plastic lid

Sharpie markers

Magnet wands Stickers

Paper Clip Coffee filter or tissue paper Tutorial for an easy magnet maze - perfect spring activities for kids Instructions

Prep the butterfly. We used some colored coffee filter left over from our Princess Easter Egg Cups but colored coffee filters or tissue paper would both work. Cut a roughly-rectangle piece of your paper roughly 1.5 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Pinch it together in the middle, spread out the wings and slide a paper clip over the center.

Prep the maze. Remove the lid from the egg carton. Place flower stickers in a zig zag pattern from one end to the other and place several flower stickers at the end to make a garden. Next take your sharpie, write start at the opposite end from the garden and draw short maze lines opposite each of the zig zagged flowers.

Easy Recycled Toy - Spring Magnet Maze - What a fun idea for a magnet unit or butterfly study!


To play, place the butterfly on the table under the START. Use the magnet want to attract the butterfly and lead it to each flower as it flutters through the maze to the garden.

You're all set! Easy peasy!

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