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Easter Egg Ideas – Coffee Filter Princesses

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It's time for another week's Fine Motor Fridays, a collaborative weekly series where we share playful fine motor skills activities. Today my contribution is filed under Fun Easter Egg Ideas! I've added some affiliate links to help if you want any specific materials.

Coffee Filter Crafts - Adorable Princess Easter Eggs Cups

These coffee filter princesses are the perfect Egg Cups if you have a princess fan in the family!

The end result took a little longer than I thought it would due to the drying time for the watercolor coffee filters. I'd say it was worth the wait though, my little princess was very proud of the crafts we made together today!

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Princess Egg Cups for Easter

You might notice that one of the princesses had a wardrobe change between one photo and the next. Between big sister, little brother and mom, we made a LOT of colorful coffee filters today!

Okay I am going to get right to the tutorial because I feel like I have a ton of pictures of the process.

Coffee Filter Princess Easter Eggs

Main Materials

Coffee Filters
Toilet paper rolls
Hardboiled eggs

Materials to Decorate as Desired 

Coffee filter colors – Pick one or try them all; see results in the picture below!
Eye dropper or spray bottle with water

Markers (bottom left coffee filters), Liquid Watercolors (center coffee filters), Gel Watercolor Markers (right coffee filters)

coffee filter crafts for Easter Egg Cups

We broke into our awesome craft stash from our friends at Creatify to glam out our princesses! Creatify kits are available in store at Target and they are a lot of fun!

Creatify Craft Kids on Lalymom

Other Helpful Materials

Clothespins and a wire rack to hang dry your filters (place something underneath to catch drips)
Various small dishes or an empty egg carton for liquid water colors
Garbage bag or plastic tablecloth to protect your work surface
Paintbrush with plain water to experiment making designs


Decorate your coffee filters:

Cover your work surface to protect it from water and color drips.


If using liquid watercolors, place a few drips of liquid water colors into various small containers and add water. Add more watercolors for stronger colors and less for delicate, pastel colors. Use and eye dropper to transfer water to the coffee filters or you can dip them into the colors.

Coloring coffee filters with watercolors and eye dropers

If using washable markers, color the filters as thoroughly as possible. When finished squirt lightly with the spray bottle.

Markers on Coffee Filters

If using gel watercolor markers, color and design your coffee filters and experiment with spraying versus using a wet paintbrush to spread the colors.

Gel Watercolor markers on coffee filters

Hang them to dry using clothespins and a wire rack. The colors will drip, just pay attention to where you set them to dry.

Drying dyed coffee filters

To make the princess egg cups:

Once your coffee filters are dry, take two coffee filters and overlap them part way then center the top one over the hole in the toilet paper roll. Fold them down and around the roll to start making the dress.

Coffee filter crafts- Princess Easter Egg Cups

Use twine, pipe cleaner, ribbon or other materials to make a belt, flaring the skirt out at the bottom. Do not pull the coffee filter taught over the toilet paper roll, leave some slack so that the coffee filter can settle down into the hole when you place the egg on top.

Princess Egg Cupe for Easter Eggs

Add the Egg, Hair, Face and Crown

Using a hard boiled egg, draw a face or add googlie eyes and glitter glue mouth. Take a skein of embroidery floss and fold it in half for easy hair that can be reused in other projects. Fold a small piece of foil and decorate with jewels. We just set our hair and crowns on the eggs but you can glue them if desired.

Once the face is dry you can set your egg on the gown and fix her hair and crown.

Finally you have beautiful princess egg cups!

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Easter Crafts for Kids - Coffee Filter Princess Easter Egg Cups - Part of Fine Motor Fridays

What are your favorite Easter Egg Ideas? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

For more ideas follow my Easter Pin Board!

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