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Construction Paper Crafts for Kids – Cut, Punch Paste Monster Trucks and Trains

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Welcome back to another Fine Motor Friday! Today I have ideas for construction paper crafts that use all kinds of fine motor skills. It focuses on my toddler's latest obsessions too!

Easy Construction Paper Crafts for Kids - Cut Punch Paste Monster Trucks and Trains. Great kids craft that touches on several fine motor skills.

Yes, my 2 1/2 year old is obsessed with Monster Trucks. Trains and construction vehicles too, but right now, totally Monster Trucks. He's been obsessively building LEGO Monster Trucks ever since he learned how.

My daughter used to really enjoy Cut, Punch, Paste crafts when she was this age but we have not done one for a while. I was watching my son assemble yet another LEGO truck and I thought it would be fun to try a CPP project with him.

He gets really excited when I bring out the craft supplies but sometimes loses interest quickly. Although building LEGO trucks all day is awesome fine motor work, I thought we could take a tiny break and give crafting a try.

Construction Paper Crafts

I got out some construction paper, safety scissors, glue stick and paper punches. I cut long thin strips of construction paper and drew some guide lines to cut them into rectangles. Based on his requirement of all LEGO Monster Trucks to have a window on top I realized I'd better also prep some white paper as windows.

Toddler Cut, Punch Paste Crafts for Fine Motor Skills

He was really excited to get going- I would have tried to get a brighter picture but this was the only one without his little hand reaching in! Ha!

First you can show your child how to cut along the lines to make rectangles for the monster truck body. My son is a beginner at scissors so a thin strip of paper is great but she didn't quite make it all the way through with one snip so he liked to pull the rectangle off once he made one snip.

Quick toddler crafts - cut, punch, paste monster trucks and trains

Next we punched wheels from a black piece of paper using a one inch paper punch. He really likes using paper punches and asks for them often. He says, “Mommy I need to do my work! Where is the pinch?” Hehehe.

Cut Punch Paste Crafts for kids


Once you've got your pieces cut and punched you can paste them on. We use glue stick but you can use what ever glue type you like. We are still practicing on glue sticks too- I often have to help him to make sure enough glue has been laid down.

Monster Truck Crafts and Train Crafts for Kids

After making the first monster truck I asked if he wanted to make a green one, since that is his favorite color. Instead he said no, he wanted to make a monster truck train! (That's another recent obsession, making everything into a monster version of a normal car…monster school bus, monster police car…etc).

Toddler Construction Paper Crafts - Cut, Punch, Paste Monster Trucks and Trains - on Fine Motor Fridays


And you're done! If you like this simple craft, please do pin it!

Just to keep it real for a quick moment, here is a glimpse into our real world, juuust outside the frame of the above image. Lest you think I'm a Pinterest Mom with a perfect home. Yes those are lunch leftovers, wilting flowers, crumbs and more LEGO building. Yikes. But hey I spent some quality crafting time (and of course LEGO building time) with my bub and it was worth it.

Pinterest mom, keeping it real

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