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Back to School Crafts: Conversation Bubble Pencil Toppers

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Back to school season is getting started here and it always reminds me of shopping for school supplies. Yesterday's Pool Noodle Pencil was silly and fun, but I think today's super cool back to school crafts would make fun additions to any pencil case! They are super simple Conversation Bubble Pencil Toppers!

Conversation Bubble Pencil Toppers - Great Back to School Crafts or Party Favors on Lalymom.com

My daughter had a great time modeling these. I explained what they were and asked her to tell me jokes while she held them up by her mouth.

“What did the banana say?!… UNDERPANTS!! AH ha ha HA!” The comedy gene runs strong in our family, can you tell?!

These super simple pencil toppers will only take you as long as it takes your glue to dry…I tried tacky glue for the first one but realized that hot glue would dry much faster. Up to you what you want to use!

Here is how to make your own! You can change up the sayings on the front and back, personalize it any way you want or let the kids make their own!

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Conversation Bubble Pencils Toppers on Lalymom.com!  A great back to school craft or party favor!

Note that when using craft foam your fingernails, scissors and other items can leave an indentation on the foam, so just handle the foam carefully if this would bother you!

Back to School Crafts- Pencil Toppers Materials:

Tutorial for Craft Foam Pencil Toppers in the shape of conversation bubbles on Lalymom.com

White craft foam

Tacky Glue or a hot glue gun and glue sticks

Foam letter stickers (provided for free by CraftProjectIdeas.com)


Back to School Crafts- Pencil Toppers Tutorial

Back to School Craft Tutorial - Make your own conversation bubble pencil toppers on Lalymom.com

Prep the foam: Cut a rectangle from your white craft foam (mine was roughly 3X5 inches). Fold it in half. Using your scissors, round the top two corners. Trim off about a half inch of the bottom, except for the little conversation bubble part. Round the bottom corners to match the top corners.

Glue: With your Tacky Glue or working quickly with a glue gun, glue the sides and the conversation bubble dangly thing together. (I did not seal the bottom edge at all so the pencil could fit.) Set aside to dry. If you use the Tackly Glue you may want to set something flat on top to hold it shut while it dries. Clips will leave marks.)

Add Words: Remove the backing of the foam letter stickers and add them as desired. If you don't have letter stickers you could also use markers and write on the foam.

Done! Pop it onto a pencil and have WAY too much fun! What message would you put on yours?

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Back to School Pencil Toppers on Lalymom.com

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