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Back to School Craft: Pool Noodle Pencil

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It seems like summer just started but it is already time to start thinking about back to school! Today I have a super fun Back to School Craft for you with this easy Pool Noodle Pencil!

Back to School Craft - Pool Noodle Pencil on Lalymom.com

I think this would be a pretty funny teacher gift or a fun craft for a back to school party. You could personalize them for each guest, with your school name, the year or anything else you can come up with!

I chose to go with the “hilarious-ish” pun: “Write On!” as well as “Back to School 2014.”

Both my preschooler and toddler had fun writing with this pool noodle pencil, however my toddler kept pressing the chalk into the pencil.

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Awesome and Easy Pool Noodle Pencil on Lalymom.com. Perfect Back to School Party Craft or Funny Teacher Gift!

We had a super fun playdate with our friends over at Craftulate and Georgina suggested putting all the chalks into the pool noodle, like the old school pencils where you slide in the refills! Genius! So now if you have this problem you totally know what to do! If you want to retrieve your chalk one day, you can use a dowel rod or other thin pokey thing to push them out!

There is really not much else to say other than to tell you how to make one! It is super easy and super quick!

As always use proper precautions when using sharp cutting tools- do not do make this craft with young children around and protect your cutting surfaces!

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Pool Noodle Pencil Materials:

Cool Back to School Craft Alert! Pool Noodle Pencil on Lalymom.com. Perfect craft for any Back to School Party or Funny Teacher Gift

Thin yellow and red/pink pool noodles (Not the Jumbo ones. Ours measured about 2 1/4 inches in diameter with a hole that was about 3/4 inch)

Silver duct tape

Black Sharpie marker

Jumbo sidewalk chalk (you want it to be a bit wider than the hole of the pool noodles)

Serrated knife

Pool Noodle Pencil Tutorial:

Cut: Find a safe cutting surface and lay out your pool noodles (I chose the grass in the back yard). Using a serrated knife, cut a segment of the red/pink pool noodle to resemble an eraser (mine is 4 inches long). Cut a segment of the yellow pool noodle to resemble a pencil (mine was 27 inches, but if you are making several you could see if your pool noodle is long enough to cut two from one noodle). At one end of the yellow pool noodle you cut, hold the knife at an angle  and “sharpen” the tip by trimming off an angles portion.

Tutorial on Lalymom.com for How to Make a Pool Noodle Pencil. Perfect Back to School Craft

Tape: Align the red pool noodle segment on the unsharpened end of the yellow segment. Wrap the duct tape around them so that an inch of your duct tape is on each pool noodle. I wrapped it around twice but it took a couple tries to do it without too many wrinkles in the tape.

Add Chalk: Insert a piece of chalk into the sharpened end of the pencil. If your chalk stick slides all the way into the pool noodle you can usually press the edges of the sharpened pool noodle back enough to retrieve it. As discussed above you can also add a whole pack of chalk sticks to the pool noodle so that as you press one in from the eraser side, it presses one out of the sharpened end!

Personalize: Using s black Sharpie marker add your message to the end of the yellow noodle, closest to the eraser.

Done! Easy, right? Go forth and make pencils!

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Back to School Craft - Make a Pool Noodle Pencil for your Back to School Bash or a Funny Teacher Gift on Lalymom.com

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  1. Love thus idea! Can’t wait to try it out with my 5 yr old granddaughter thus week! If it goes well…we might even do this as an activity at her Bday party!

    Thanks for the fun ideas!

  2. Laura, that is the coolest idea for outdoor fun mixed with back to school. It looks so cute the way you made it. Next time we grab some pool noodles, we’ll have to try. I just pinned!

  3. Going to use this idea but not for sidewalk use just as a prop at our PTO table to promote the PTO and adding Box Tops logo to it. Was going to use Pringel cans but this looks easier and i think the size would be better Thank you

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