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Rainbow Activities for Kids’ Busy Bags

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Welcome back to the Busy Bags Blog hop, a monthly themed blog hop to bring you fun, easy ideas to keep kids busy. Today it is all about Rainbow Activities!

Rainbow Activities busy bags for kids

Busy bags are meant to be simple activities you can put together into bags or boxes and just grab one when your child could use something to keep him or her busy…hence the name- Busy Bags!

This month since St. Patrick's Day is around the corner we chose to create busy bags with a Rainbow theme! And look how vibrant and happy they all came out!

My contribution for the blog hop was fittingly a super simple one: Rainbow Bubble wrap! Now, I KNOW what some of you may be thinking when you read through this post. “Ah! You crazy person! My kids will die around bubble wrap,” or, “You must be eeevil! My kids will draw all over everything if I give them permanent markers!” 

My answer: Know your kids and supervise them as needed with ANY activity and ANY material. My 4.5 year old daughter could have been trusted with this activity a year ago, easily. I don't know if the same will be true of my son, he is much more mischievous. You'll know if your kids are ready, and maybe it is something that a younger child can do at the table while an older child does homework.

My 4.5 year old loved completing the pattern and was quite quietly busy with her bubble wrap for some time. I did a long strip of this myself and I found the small, intricate motions to be kind of calming and mesmerizing. We both did!

Rainbow Activities Busy Bags on Lalymom

Filling in the bubbles takes concentration and a careful hand but was not difficult for my preschooler to tackle.

We did this activity while my 2.5 year old was sleeping so the marker had dried for a while when we showed it to him. They both loved popping the bubbles of course, and it turned into a fantastically fun color activity for my son.

Rainbow Bubble Wrap and Other Busy Bags with a Rainbow Theme

Some of the bubbles popped easier than others so every time he got one to pop he would giggle and say, “IIII popped the GREEEN one!!!!”

I actually love how it turned from an activity to keep my preschooler busy into one that she made that kept my toddler busy!

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Busy Bag

Rainbow Busy Bags on Lalymom


(Affiliate links are included for your convenience.)

Bubble wrap
Sharpie markers in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet (we only had one blue for ours, that is up to you)

Zipper bags for storage (mine are from Staples but I cannot find them on their website.)


Cut a long strip of bubble wrap 6-7 bubbles wide (again, we only had one blue/indigo sharpie, so ours is only 6 but if you have a light blue and dark blue, cut 7).

Use the sharpie markers to color the first bubble of each row in the ROY G BIV order.

Place the markers and the strip of bubble wrap into the zipper bag.

Ways to Play:

-Your child can complete the pattern along all the bubbles. Hang it in the window as a rainbow suncatcher!

-Once the marker is dry, your child can pop the bubbles, you can go in rainbow order to reinforce the color order. (Be sure to wait until it is dry. Both my kids popped the bubbles and got some colors onto their fingers but it didn't stain when it had already dried.)

DIY & Store Bought Rainbow Activities

17 Awesome Rainbow Busy Bags


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Fun Rainbow Activities and Gifts for Kids


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