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Quiet Bowling Activity for Kids with KORXX Blocks

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Today I am sharing a cool but quiet bowling activity for kids using natural, sustainable KORXX Cork Building Blocks. Thank you SO much to KORXX for sponsoring this invitation to play! Affiliate links are included in this post for easy shopping.


The LalyKids are quite opposite in personality. Both are equally loved, of course, but it has been fascinating to see their personalities emerge over the years.

My daughter, a first grader, has always been a quiet, content, thoughtful girl. Her sense of humor has blossomed over the past couple years and she never ceases to surprise me with a zinger.

My son, a preschooler, is busy, often loud and very energetic. As, I'm told, boys often are!

Like any siblings they have their ups and downs and it is always a challenge to find activities that they both enjoy.

Given my daughter's desire for general quiet and my son's incredible ability to make noise…there are often disagreements over how to play together.

Today's activity, as well as our previous KORXX activities (the KORXX Tangrams and KORXX Shadow Tracing) have been bridging activities that appealed to both of them. KORXX have been such a lovely addition to our days. They naturally appeal to my son, the builder, but my daughter, the pretend play fan loves to make castles for her stuffed animals and figurines.

Quiet Bowling Activity for Kids Using KORXX Cork Building Blocks


KORXX Limbo set with Spheres

Other Assorted KORXX if desired

Quiet Bowling Activity for Kids Using QUIET Cork Building Blocks!

How To:

I set this up as an invitation to play, meaning I set it up and let my kids discover it.

Set one spherical KORXX Block aside and use your remaining KORXX blocks to build various shapes or towers on the floor.

When your child sees it, ask him or her if they have ever heard of bowling before. You can demonstrate how to roll the ball rather than throw it. We liked placing our thumb in the divot of the sphere, similar to a real bowling ball.

Take turns being the pin setter and the bowler.

Add in some writing practice by keeping score! All you have to do is write down how many blocks each person knocks over. This can be done as a team or competitively.

There is no end in site for this game. Just set, bowl and repeat!

Our kids love making slow motion videos. Here is one we took of KORXX Blocks Bowling. I love how the sounds make it sound like boulders falling, but you can tell it is not very loud in real life.

Discussion Prompts:

How can we make our pins stronger?

How can we make them harder to hit?

How can we make them all fall down at once?

Is it easier with the small sphere or the large sphere?

Which kind of pin is easier to hit- a thin one, or a wide one?

The Results:

My kids seriously loved this activity! Note that I call this a QUIET bowling activity but just FYI it is not SILENT bowling. The soft cork materials make softer sound than traditional blocks when they fall, but there is a bit of noise still.

My daughter covered her ears the first time we bowled but she quickly learned that the noise was not as bad as she expected.

My son could probably do this activity ALL. DAY. LONG since we first played. He loves both sides of the game, the pin setting AND the bowling.

It is a great game for practicing turn taking because both sides have something fun to do!

Use Cork Building Blocks to play a fun, but QUIET Bowling game. Kids will love setting it up and knocking it down!

Would your kids play this Quiet Bowling Activity? Let's hear about it in the comments!

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