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Christmas Countdown Idea for Kids- Paper Punch Cards

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If you've been following me for a while you might have noticed that I get stuck on the same theme a bit…well today is no different. I'm hooked on Christmas Countdown printables so here is another Christmas Countdown Idea for kids!

Paper Punch Christmas Countdown - What a cool Christmas Countdown Idea for Kids!

My kids have been excitedly asking if if today is Chrismtas for a few weeks already, so counting down to Christmas has been top on their minds!

I shared two other Christmas countdown ideas – a set of Beginner Level Cutting Practice Christmas Countdown Activities and a more advanced Trim a Tree Christmas Countdown

If you are looking for something that is just as fun but does not involve scissors, check out today's paper punch Christmas Countdown!

My kids love using paper punch, so I really wanted to think of a way to create a Christmas Countdown that uses punches.

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The idea on this Countdown to Christmas is to help Santa and the Elves pack all the presents for the good girls and boys into his sack in time for Christmas Eve. You pack one present a day by using the paper punch to punch a hole through it.

Paper Punch Christmas Countdown Idea


Free Printable Paper Punch Christmas Countdown Cards (Available in the Free Printables Section of the Lalymom Christmas Shop)

Adult Scissors or a paper cutter

Paper Punch (Either a Single Hole Grip Style Punch or Single Hole Button Style Punch works, we got ours from Michaels.)

How To:

Pretty simple, but I always like to include directions anyhow.

Print the free printable from my Christmas Shop Page. Allow the ink to dry before the next step.

There are four cards per page so use your paper cutter or scissors to cut out the number you need.

Read the directions to your child and explain that you need to help Santa and the elves make sure they pack up all the presents before it's time to deliver them all to the good girls and boys on Christmas Eve.

Each day, have your child punch one present to help pack it. You can decide if you want to start with the number one on December 1st, and follow the dates, or if you want to start on 24 and count down how many days there are until Christmas.

Ta-da! A fun, easy Christmas Countdown for you to follow along at home. Don't miss the other Free Christmas Printables in the Lalymom Christmas Shop! 

If you want to pair this with a Giftable Christmas Countdown, check out the sets below on Amazon.

Awesome Christmas Countdown Idea for Kids! Mini Paper Punch Christmas Countdown Cards! My kids love using my paper punches, what a simple, fun idea!

What is your favorite Christmas Countdown Idea? Let's hear about it in the comments!

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