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Hammering Water Beads Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

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Welcome back to Fine Motor Fridays! Today I am bringing you Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers using hammers!

Hammering Water Beads Activity for Kids Fine Motor Fridays from Lalymom

LalyDad took Miss Three to a free Lowe's Build and Grow Workshop for the first time recently and they made a terrific birdhouse. They had a lot of fun and Miss Three was in a very peppy mood after her special activity with daddy!

While at the store LalyDad picked up another kit to do with her when her Grandpa comes to visit but we'd need a kid sized hammer if she was going to do any work. He hastily looked online and ordered this kids toolkit (affiliate links included for your convenience) thinking it had a real hammer but alas, it is plastic. We kept it though and I knew it would come in handy.

I knew hammering was great fine motor practice and wanted to find a fun way to use it with Miss Three. We haven't played with water beads since last year when we were using them to explore colors on the light box. With Mister One around, we have to be very careful what we play with. Now, Blog Me Mom has made edible water beads and Fun at Home with Kids has some great baby-safe, edible mini water beads but today since it was an activity just for Miss Three, we used the ones we had on hand.

Fine Motor Skills Activity for Kids Using a Hammer and Water Beads from Lalymom

Hammering Water Beads Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

I set out a box lined with a white dollar store vinyl table cloth and added some water beads. I set the hammer in and by that time I heard the pitter patter of Miss Three's little feet as she excitedly came to see what was up.

She got right to it trying to hammer the water beads. As expected, the water beads were very bouncy when she tried to hit them! We giggled a lot and took turns trying to hammer the water beads, it was so funny!

Water Beads for Fine Motor Skills Development from Lalymom

We also added a bit of learning, taking turns trying to hammer specific colors and numbers of water beads. They pretty much turn into jelly when you're done which was an interesting sensory activity on its own!

Now, because they bounce, this is truly one of those activities for preschoolers that you want to supervise if you are worried at all about those water beads getting away from you. We did have a couple pop out of the box and if you have a very eager hammerer…well…you probably will too!

Hammering Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers from Lalymom

Aside from the hammering, I remembered Craftulate's Color Sorting with Water Beads Fine Motor play and set out one of our favorite tools, the tweedlers from American Science Surplus.

We had a lot of fun hammering, which made me wonder what other great hammering activities had been done!

More Hammering Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers:

Hammering Activities that kids will love #toddler #preschool #kindergarten #kids #finemotor

Paging Fun Mums actually used a hammer with Frozen Water Beads.

Stir the Wonder shows us Fine Motor Hammering using an egg carton.

Sugar Aunts shares several super cool Golf Tee Hammering ideas.

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Wildflower Ramblings made some beautiful Hammered Flower Prints with her little one. (Just noticed hers was based on this Flower Prints post from Life with Moore Babies.)

No Time for Flash Cards has some awesome seasonal Button and Nail Hammering ideas.

Child Central Station pounded out some amazing looking Tin Punch Ornaments with her kids.

Preschool Powol Packets had some Halloween Hammering Fun with their pumpkin.

Fun-A-Day takes hammering to a new place by making a Pumpkin Geo Board with her kids.

Fun at Home with Kids had some St. Patrick's Day fun with their Gold Excavation Activity.

Happy Hooligans uses Stones and Craft Sticks for hammering outdoors.

Hands On As We Grow reminds us to use both sides of the hammer for fine motor fun!

Edited to add one more from a new-to-me blog called Happy Brown House, here is Pound the Sound!

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  1. Very fun idea! I must get some water beads– we’ve never played with them before & I know the kiddos would love it!

  2. This will be perfect for my son! He loves building and hammering (and sawing and drilling and measuring, and using a wrench..you get the point!) I love how it will give him something to actually hammer (besides a piece of wood). Sounds fun and can’t wait to try it with him!! Thanks for sharing!

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