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Exploring Orange

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We are following along with Jessie's weekly color themes at Play Create Explore and this week is a good one: Orange! Here are some things we did at our house!

Orange Peel Stamping

I loved Jessie's Shaving Cream Printing Craft but I am still not “embracing the mess” enough to play with shaving cream! We tried another idea though, we took peels from clementine oranges and used them as stampers. Ladybug kept wanting to lick the peel but we ended up with some fun patterns. I tried to cut out a tiger shape from it as well but it looked more like some alien creature. Still it was fun to see the patterns from the orange peel….and our fingers of course!

Water Beads on the Light Table

This was our first time using water beads, inspired by Jessie's use of clear water beads and orange water. Our water beads are from the dollar tree and were already hydrated so they didn't soak up too much color, but that was fine. I put some in plain water and some in orange water. We also tried out all the colors on the multicolor light box to see how it would change the appearance of each set. Ladybug went through a few different reactions to the water beads…first excited, then playful then relaxed as she just slowly ran her fingers through them. When we turned the light box to red she looked in awe and ask where they went…much like the clear water beads in clear water on the white light, the red light made the ones in orange water totally invisible.

Light Table Dress Up Dance Party

My husband went to Mizzou for undergrad so tigers are kind of a big deal in our house. Two tigers in particular have a spot in Ladybug's heart: Mizzou's mascot, Truman and PBS Kids' Daniel Tiger. I dug out the old tiger tail that I made way back when for hanging out the trunk on the way to Mizzou games and we took turns sticking it in the waistband of our pants… Ladybug loved wagging her tiger tail! We dressed up the light box too. We printed out Daniel Tiger Masks and used pipe cleaners and ribbons to give Daniel some stripes. Then Ladybug decided to give everyone musical instruments so we could make it a dance party.

We also had orange foods: orange bell peppers, sweet potato, carrots, clementine oranges and cheddar cheese. We had orange clothes day. That's about it. We were still getting over Ladybug's stomach thing…sure lasted a long time but this was a welcome distraction.

One last orange themed activity: A knock knock joke. Knock knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange Who? Orange you glad you stopped on by to see our post about the color orange?! If so, show us some love and pin one of our orangey pins! See you next time!

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