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Step Count Sticks [FREE PRINTABLE] Great Fitness Motivation

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Today's craft is perfect for fitness tracker users of any kind. These Step Count Sticks are great fitness motivation whether you just need an idea to help get those last few steps, or you want to crush your challenge opponents! I've got a free printable for you as well as some affiliate links for easy shopping.

Step Count Sticks - Need help hitting your step goal? Whip up some step sticks and show your fitness tracker who's the boss! Perfect for fitbit, garmin, jawbone or any step tracker


How many of you reading this have had a desk job in your lifetime- or maybe even right now?

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You're sitting at your desk, your mind buzzing as it tackles your current project, your hands clicking away at the keyboard.

All of a sudden you notice that weird prickle in your leg, alerting you that it's asleep. You glance at the clock.

Holy crap! Have I been sitting at my desk for THAT long?

Could I really have gone so long without taking a single step? Welp, there goes my step goal for today.

Guess I'll try again tomorrow…


It was happening all too often for me, as my Fitbit reminded me while I climbed into bed.

Sigh. There has to be a better way!

Fitbit Step Count Solutions

When I first started wearing my Fitbit, this is how life was for a long time. Then my cousin invited me to my first Workweek Hustle Challenge and found a spark of motivation to work on that step count.

Years later, I am proud to say that I hit or exceed my 11,500 step goal MOST days.

But not every day. And it took me a lot of hard work and a lot of goals missed to get to this point.

I'm a work at home mom with a desk job, so like many people I need to be purposeful about fitness.

Over the years I have developed tools, tricks and tips to help you get off to a better start than I had.

In fact, I have a whole Resource Library full of step tracker tools, guides and fitness motivation.

Today's resource- Step Count Sticks- make for a quick and simple, motivational craft. You can print a copy and use it just the way it is, or personalize to suit your needs.

To grab your free Step Count Stick printable, sign up below for my Subscriber Exclusive Step Tracker Resource Library:


Step Count Sticks Tutorial:

Step Count Stick Printable (available in my Subscriber Exclusive Step Tracker Resource Library)
Craft Sticks
Glue Stick

1. Once you sign up above, check your email to confirm your subscription and gain instant access to the resource library.
2. Print the Step Count Sticks printables and allow the ink to dry.
3. Cut out the step prompts you want to use. Note: there are blank rows in case you'd like to add your own.
4. Grab a craft stick, use your glue stick to glue on one of the prompts, centering the piece of paper on one side, folding the flaps around and gluing them down on the back side. Repeat with all the sticks and set aside.
5. Cut out the jar label and secure it around the jar by gluing the ends together.
6. Place your sticks in the jar and you're ready to get stepping!

Any time you need a little extra motivation to hit that step goal, grab a step count stick and do whatever it says. Repeat as often as necessary!


[FREE PRINTABLE] Step Count Sticks for Fitbit Motivation - Not hitting your step goal Try some step sticks for motivation!

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