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Dr. Seuss Activities Seuss Sticks for Dominoes and Math Manipulatives

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Even more fun with Dr. Seuss Activities! These Seuss sticks, as I call them, were super easy to make and can be used as dominoes as well as math manipulatives!

Dr. Seuss Crafts - Seuss Sticks DIY Dominoes and Math Manipulatives

When I first thought about making these sticks, I pictured making One Fish Two Fish dominoes. We don't have a fish shaped paper punch though, nor did we have stickers that would work. I tried hand drawing fish on the sticks but it just wasn't working for me.

Instead we went with stars and I love the way they turned out! The classic Seuss colors are so engaging and bright. My daughter liked the idea of playing a game with them, so we used them as dominoes. We played by matching the stars regardless of the stick color, but you could make it more complex and involve stick color too. Dr. Seuss Activities - DIY Dominoes from Crafts Sticks - great math manipulatives too! My son old liked using them to make shapes and letters, as well as stacking them. I showed him how to match up the stars but he was more interested in the shapes. Dr. Seuss Activities and Crafts for Kids -Seuss Sticks are great for dominoes, shapes and math manipulatives My friend Devany over at Still Playing School had the great idea to use them for addition activities too. There are probably much more fancy looking math activities out there, but this one worked for us! I folded a sheet of paper into 10 rectangles and wrote out the numbers 1-10. That was all we had to do to set up this simple Seuss activity, once we had our sticks of course! Dr. Seuss Math Activities for Kids

Make Your Own Seuss Sticks for Dr. Seuss Activities

Here is the super quick tutorial to make these Seuss sticks. I am including affiliate links for your convenience.

Materials: Materials to make Seuss Sticks for Math Activities and Dominies Colored craft sticks Construction paper Star paper punch (ours was from Kiwi Crate) Glue or glue stick


Use your star punch to punch lots of stars out of blue, red, and yellow construction paper. One by one, add glue to your sticks and stick the stars on.

We made sure that each color stick had 2 sticks with each number of each color on them. So: 6 Red sticks – two had 1 yellow star, two had 2 yellow stars, 2 had 3 yellow stars, two had 1 blue star, two had 2 blue stars, 2 had 3 blue stars. Repeat with the other colors.

If you are making them for addition activities you may want to keep going. We had to borrow from other numbers to make 9 and 10 with the above number of sticks.

Once dry, you are all done!

What Dr. Seuss activities would you do with these Seuss sticks? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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  2. Love your ideas! I thought of the Sneetches when I saw the stars, The Star bellied sneetches.
    I have a variety of punches, so I think I could make them for centers in my class, or have my transitional kinder students make their own set to count to 10 as well….. you have me thinking of all kinds of ways to use Seuss Sticks. Thanks for sharing!

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