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Disney Frozen Craft: Frozen Fractals Fine Motor Collage

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This week for Fine Motor Fridays we have another Disney Frozen Craft for you to go along with our Jointed Frozen Olaf and our Frozen Inspired Chill Out Jar. Make sure you stick around at the end of this post to see what the other Fine Motor Fridays gals have been up to this week!

Disney Frozen Craft. Frozen Fractals Fine Motor Skills Sticky Collage on Fine Motor Fridays at Lalymom

My daughter, like many kids around the world, is pretty captivated by Disney's Frozen Movie. She asked me what Frozen Fractals means and well that is a tricky one to explain to a preschooler! But as luck would have it she came home from preschool recently with a worksheet all about patterns! Since fractals are a kind of pattern I thought it would be fun to talk about them to support her school work.

Now hang on, I'm not saying that my almost four year old totally gets fractals now, but she knows it is a pattern and that when you look at snowflakes you can see these kinds of patterns.

This craft was so fun because it engaged her imagination using something that she really loves…and we used tons of great fine motor skills to make a really pretty work of art! If you want to make a Frozen Fractals collage, here is how to set it up. (Note: This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.)

Take note that only you can be the judge as to whether or not your child can help fold, cut and paper punch the shapes. Always supervise your child with these materials.

I have to say the folding and cutting was impossible to photograph because whether my daughter was helping or not I needed both hands! But i have links to snowflake tutorials for you below, so that should help!

Frozen Fractals Sticky Collage Materials

Clear Contact Paper (also called sticky back paper or shelf liner)

Blue Cello Sheets (we got our pack at American Science Surplus)



Disney Frozen Elsa Printable

Snowflake paper punch (optional)

Frozen Fractals Sticky Collage Directions

Prep the contact paper: Cut a sheet of clear contact paper to fit your window. Remove the paper backing at tape the contact paper, sticky side towards you, to your window at a height your child can easily reach.

Prep the materials: You and/or your child can cut any shapes and snowflakes desired from the blue cellophane sheets. Snowflakes always have six points, which is different than the normal paper snowflakes I've always cut out. I found two  six-sides snowflake tutorials here and here that were easy to follow. You can make various size snowflakes, we made ours from squares that were about 1 1/2 inches on each side. (My daughter was able to help fold a little and cut a little, but they were very small, so she cut other shapes and used the snowflake punch to make snowflakes). Use the snowflake punch to punch out snowflakes if desired. Print out the Elsa coloring page from the Disney website on standard paper and you or your child can cut her out. You can obviously color her in but my daughter was too excited about the contact paper.

Frozen Fractals Fine Motor Collage - Inspired by Disneys Frozen - Explore Fractals and Patterns Using a Free Elsa Printable. Fine Motors Fridays on Lalymom

Create your collage: Bring your various shapes over to the contact paper. Place Elsa at the bottom right corner and make ice patterns coming from her hands! You can talk about the patterns you make or the patterns of the six sided snowflakes! If you wish to preserve your collage you can place another sheet of contact paper onto it, stick side towards the collage. Trim the edges so you don't have any sticky parts exposed.

Disney Frozen Art Project for Kids. Frozen Fractals Fine Motor Skills Sticky Collage from Lalymom

Ta-da! You just made an awesome Disney Frozen craft that uses lots of fine motor skills! As you can see in our house another Disney Princess joined the fun. Ariel had quite the day singing and creating a snow collage with her pal Elsa. This was a super fun Fine Motor Fridays activity! I love how long she played with this and asked for more cellophane to cut. We hope you enjoy too!

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