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Disney’s Frozen Craft: Chill Out Bottle

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So it is official. We are obsessed with Disney's Frozen at the Lalymom house. So today I have a Disney's Frozen Inspired Craft- the first of a few!

Disney Frozen Craft Anna and Elsa Frozen Chill Out Bottle from Lalymom

We have made some fun I-Spy bottles in the past and I've seen relaxation bottles and calm down jars around the internet so I thought it would be fun do to a Frozen one for my preschooler. I'm calling it a Chill Out Bottle. CHILL- Get it?! HA!

You could easily make a light blue glitter bottle (I love this night sky glitter bottle from Two-daloo, which uses corn syrup) and add snowflakes to the bottle and be done. We took an additional step and added some characters from Disney's Frozen. (Note: This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.)

Disney's Frozen Craft: Anna, Elsa & Olaf Shrinky Dinks

Disney Forzen Craft Idea DIY Elsa Anna and Olaf Shrinky Dinks from Printables on Lalymom

We used Frozen Printables from Disney's website and printed them on Economy fast print onto Injet Shrinky Dinks. (If your printer or PDF reader allows you to adjust the intensity or print intensity you could lower it that way too.) Our color printer was on the fritz so I printed them in black and white and we used colored pencils to LIGHTLY color them in. Colors darken when you bake shrinky dinks, so press lightly for best results.

We have used shrinky dinks many times in our house, (we have a whole post of shrinky dinks tips and tricks) but have never needed to seal them before. I did tons of googling on sealing shrink dinks and tried two different sealers. First I tried thick clear nail polish. This worked fine but was depleting my nail polish fast. I heard that it can yellow and flake over time as well.

Next I picked up some acrylic sealer. My local craft store did not have the recommended Triple Thick Gloss or Diamond Glaze and I was already at the craft store so I grabbed what they had. Honestly they also had mod podge but there were SO many kinds of it that I had no idea which one would be best. If you happen to know which one would make something glossy and waterproof please let me know!

I followed the directions and sealed the fronts of the shrink dinks one time. Because I'm impatient. We used colored pencils to color the pieces before baking, except for one piece which I used Sharpie Markers on. The sealer did great on all but the sharpie piece. The color ran immediately and left the piece unusable. The rest did great and after a week in the glitter bottle, the unsealed back side (again, lazy!) had turned a little bit blue but the front sides have stayed great!

Disneys Frozen Craft Glitter Chill Out Bottle with Anna and Elsa on Lalymom

You might notice that Olaf has escaped the murky depths of our glitter bottle… Just a note about adding shrinky dinks to a bottle- take note of the size of the opening of the bottle, your pieces will have to fit through there so choose your bottle and pieces accordingly! If you ever come across a wide mouthed bottle, grab it and don't let go! 🙂

It ended up a happy accident that Olaf didn't fit because he has played quite a bit of hide and seek with Anna and Elsa inside the bottle.

Frozen Themed Craft. Relaxation Bottle or Jar for Time Outs or for I-Spy Discovery Bottles from Lalymom

Disney's Frozen Craft: “Chill Out” Relaxation Bottle

While the pieces dried, we made our glitter bottle. We started with an Argo Tea jar from our cabinet and eventually changed to a plastic bottle from Target's Bolthouse Farms Juice so that my daughter wasn't walking around vigorously shaking a glass jar. You can do what works for you!

To prepare our glitter bottle we followed the directions from My Crazy Blessed Life's Relax Bottles, which was the first recipe I'd ever seen for these. You can also try Two-Daloo's which uses corn syrup instead of the craft glue. We used three tubes of light blue glitter glue and a couple tablespoons of iridescent white glitter (sent to us by Craft Project Ideas.com).

To add the snowflakes on the outside we grabbed a roll of white contact paper (also called shelf liner or sticky back paper) used a small snowflake punch that I had found over the winter in the value bin at Michaels. This small snowflake punch would probably also work just fine but I cannot find the cutting dimensions.

Once the pieces were dry we plopped in the ones that fit into the bottle and gave it a shake shake! My daughter was in love with the glitter, and with the Frozen Characters floating around in the “snow!” Her favorite activities were squeezing the glitter glue in, shaking and adding the snowflakes. So most of making the bottle. 🙂 We have not glued our shut yet but now that I've seen that the shrinky dinks have held up I think I shall!

Frozen Craft - Disneys Frozen Inspired Chill Out Relaxation Bottle from Lalymom

Some people use these glitter bottles for time outs when your child needs to take a break and “chill out” because the glitter takes a while to settle, so it makes a great timer. Other people use this kind of thing as a sensory bottle or discovery bottle. You could also use it just for fun because glitter always inspires a bit of wonder and awe! Have you made a glitter bottle before? Watching the glitter settle is pretty mesmerizing!

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Disney Frozen Inspired Crafts Activities and Party Ideas Pinterest Board from lalymom

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