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DIY Kids Juggling Sticks Set

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Hello! We have been on a pouch cap craft kick over here lately and it hasn't ended yet!

Ladybug has a new Olivia book about the circus so she loves playing circus- pretending to be the ringmaster, a gymnast, an elephant and a juggler. We've looked at videos online of jugglers and other acts and talked about the circus a lot. (We have not been able to go to one yet so I indulge a lot of pretend play!) The main stick could also be used for a baton.

So, now that the 4th of July is over, I took our Last Minute Fireworks Wand and turned it into a DIY Juggling Sticks Set. It's a little advanced for her skill set but it doesn't stop her from playing with it! This was not too hard to make and the materials are somewhat flexible, you just have to play around to see what fits. Here is what I used, with some other suggestions if you don't have the exact same items.

-2 Applesauce or babyfood pouch caps
-Colored cellophane sheets (could also use plastic shopping bag, mylar balloon, maybe embroidery floss or fabric)
-3 milkshake straws (These are thicker than standard straws.)
-hot glue gun and hot glue stick

Start by cutting thin strands of cellophane, less than 1/4 inch thick. In my version I only have about 6 strands per side but I would say around 12 strands per side would be good. You could also add more by tying them through the caps when you're done.

Stack half of your strands on top or each other, aligning all the ends. Next you need to thread the strands through one of the caps. I found it easiest to make a “needle” using a pipe cleaner or twist tie. Loop your needle around the strands and feed the strands through one side of the cap (from top to bottom)and back up the other side (from bottom to top), leaving a little slack for when you push the strands up into the cap using the straw. Center the strands so that the ends are even on both sides.

Hold the strands to the side of the hole in the cap while you carefully pump hot glue into the hole of the cap. Move the strands back over the hole and insert the straw into the cap hole, pushing in the strands with it.

Repeat threading and gluing on the other end. Once it is dry feel free to tie more strands through the cap if desired.

The extra two straws are the ones that you use to juggle the baton stick.

What do you think? Could you see your kiddo flipping these DIY Juggling Sticks around the back yard?

DIY Juggling Sticks for kids made from straws and applesauce pouch caps

First shared in 2013, updated in 2021. My how my babies have grown!

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  1. Oh, what a good way to use those caps! I know both of my kids would love playing with those, especially with those streamers on the ends…and they look fairly simple to make, too. Great idea!

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