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Cutting Practice Princess Doll

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Well big surprise, I've got another shrinky dink project for you! We are having a lot of fun finding ways to use this fun material! It's pretty easy to work with once you get the hang of it. I do recommend following the tips and tricks found on the packaging instructions as well as looking at blogs for tips on how to use them! I have some ideas to help below!

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Ready for Kindergarten

Today's project is inspired by a new book that by Deborah Stewart called Ready for Kindergarten. The book has all kids of information about the skills kids need for that big step up to kindergarten. My daughter is 3 which means we received this book just at the right time! She's really been eager about using scissors so it has been fun to come up with playful ways to let her practice. I'll be posting more scissors practice activities in the coming weeks, so come back to see what we come up with!

When I was researching for our shrinky dink jointed robot I saw this shrinky dink doll and liked how she attached the hair to the doll. It reminded me of how my daughter loved giving a haircut to the princess wands we made so I thought I'd make her a shrinky dinks haircut doll!

I started by looking for a coloring page of a girl or doll with enough space in the hair to punch holes. I liked this one on Coloring Crew and I like that their website allows you to either print it uncolored or use their tools to color it online. I did one of each so that Ladybug could color one. I saved the pictures and resized them in Microsoft Publisher so that they were as tall as possible. OH and I drew a white box over the ponytail part so that it wouldn't print but it is up to you how you want the printed hair to look.

If you color yours on the computer keep in mind all colors darken significantly when printing. Use the very lightest colors available or adjust the printer settings to print at a lower intensity. You can see the side by side colors in the pictures below. You can also see how it shrinks to about half the size.

Oh and there is the one that Ladybug colored herself. I like the crazy red eyes, which paired with the red hands and red splotches on her dress make me want to call her Lady Macbeth. 😉

This time I used the Graphix Inkjet Shrink Film in white. If you are using non-printer shrink film you can print your picture and trace it onto the film with sharpies.

Here is how to do it:


1 Sheet of Inkjet Shrink Film
1 Inch hole punch
Preheated Oven
Metal sheet pan
Parchment paper
Sharpie Markers if not using printer

1. Print or trace your picture as large as possible. Let dry before handling.

2. Cut out the piece and punch 1 inch holes in the hair section. If you are going to have your child color the piece you can do so before or after cutting.

3. Sandwich between 2 layers of parchment and bake on a metal baking sheet according to package directions. (For me it takes10 or more minutes at 300 degrees)

4. Once it has flattened back out and stopped shrinking remove from oven. Slide (hot!) parchment with piece still inside onto a heat safe surface and place something heavy, flat and heatproof on top of the piece to be sure it is flat.

5. Once cool tie lengths of yarn in the holes and get to trimming!

Making the doll the full length of the page will result in a doll that is about 4 inches long. My daughter loooooved cutting this dolls hair as well as brushing her hair. She has not actually been named yet I just realized…hmmm….I wonder what we will call her!

For other fun ways to use shrinky dinks, check out my Personalized I-Spy Bottle , Rolling Car and Truck and Jointed Robot. If you still want MORE, check out my Shrinky Dinks Fun Pinterest Board!

If you are looking for more cutting activities, check out my Cutting Practice Spider and list of Fall Fine Motor Activities.

Please come by and like our Facebook page to follow along! See you next time!

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