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10 Ways to “FIND” Leprechaun Tracks on St. Patrick’s Day

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Inside: Get the scoop on how to track those pesky leprechauns around the house or classroom!

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DIY Leprechaun Tracks for St. Patrick's Day

As St. Patrick's Day rolls around every year my kids rabidly obsess over Leprechauns.

How can we find one?

How can we trap one? (Hint: Here's a great Leprechaun Trap guide!)

How big are they?

Will cardboard contain them, or are they magic?

This year my second grade daughter requested to research them to really know how to outsmart them.

She made the most awesome Leprechaun trap and we are ready to set the trap on St. Patrick's Day.

But then what?

On the chance that the trap doesn't catch the Leprechaun, how will the kids know if a Leprechaun even showed up?

I needed to know how to track a leprechaun, so I did some research. I'm ready to share my tips with you below.

How to Track a Leprechaun

If you are on the hunt for a leprechaun, or if someone reading over your shoulder is on the hunt for one, here are some hints on where to find Leprechaun tracks.

  1. Look near the leprechaun trap first. They are mischievous so they will naturally be attracted to any trap.
  2. Look near shiny things. If you have a jar of pocket change, or a ring dish with jewelry sitting out, be sure to go check there for signs of the leprechaun.
  3. When you are looking right at the spot where you think they should be, turn around really quickly to see if they are peaking at you mischievously.
  4. All their mischief makes them hungry, so check the low shelves of the pantry too in case he stopped for a snack.

These tips aught to help your little Leprechaun hunter on the big day.

Okay kids. You've done your research, now let mom and dad get back to Facebook.

….are they gone? Okay see below for more tips.

10 Hilarious Ways to Find Leprechaun Tracks for your kids on St. Patrick's Day

Finding Leprechaun Tracks in Your House

Okay now, here are ten ways to “find” Leprechaun tracks in your house.

Leprechaun Footprint Floor Clings

Removable Leprechaun Footprint Decals

Lil Fairy Footprint Stencils 

Leprechaun Footprint Rubber Stamp

DIY Washable Leprechaun Footprints

Edible Leprechaun Tracks

DIY Contact Paper Leprechaun Tracks

Doll Leprechaun Tracks

If you set your trap outside you might find DIY Chalk Leprechaun Footprints

Use some foot shaped Sit Spots to Make Leprechaun Tracks

How are you going to Find Leprechaun Tracks in your House?

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