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Simple Cutting Practice Activity – Snipping Sammy Scissors

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Today is Friday, which around here usually means it's time for another Fine Motor Friday! I've got a simple cutting practice activity for you that is silly too! I've added my scissor skills shopping list with affiliate links at the bottom for more scissors material inspiration.

Easy cutting practice activity - From Fine Motor Fridays on Lalymom.com - What a cute and simple scissors activity!

When kids are just starting to work with scissors it is nice to find ways to let them cut things where only one snip is needed. This activity is perfect for that because you can make the “hair” as thin or thick as you want.

I'm calling this guy Sammy Scissors, but you could call him Harry Haircut, Chris Cuts, Stevie Snips-a-Lot….okay I've clearly spent too much time thinking of silly names for him but you can take your pick!

My son is 2 1/2 years old and my daughter is almost 5 years old. They both tried this activity out. Obviously the 5 year old whipped through it pretty quickly.

Note: I originally shared this activity in 2015, updated in 2021. My how these kiddos have grown! 😀

Snipping Scissor Skills Practice on a Cardboard Roll - The kids love this activity because it looks like you're giving the guy a haircut!

My son needed a little more guidance and practice since he is very new at using scissors. But he was still able to do it! I think I'd cut the hair a little thinner for him next time. Also I realized after looking at the pictures that I think he thought the goal was to cut the hair length wise, down the center of the hair rather than to snip it off! Sounds like I needed to demonstrate more!

Funny haircut activity for cutting practice - uses a paper towel roll to make a funny guy who needs a haircut!

This was super simple to prep, but I added a quick tutorial below in case it helps! Meanwhile, if you are looking for other one-and-done, single snip cutting activities, check out these previous posts:

Sammy Scissors Cutting Activity

Cutting Practice Activities Using a Cardboard Roll on Fine Motor Fridays


A cardboard roll (we used a Paper Towel Tube)

Googly Eyes


ScissorsEasy Beginner Scissor Practice Idea - Sammy Snip on Fine Motor Friday - The kids love to give him a haircut!


Add googly eyes and draw a face towards the bottom of the cardboard roll. Use your scissors (or as your child to use the scissors) to cut long lines straight down towards the face, all around the roll.

Next all you need to do is ask your child to give him a haircut! Hooray! Super fun!

Simple Cutting Practice Activity


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