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Cutting Practice Christmas Countdown Activities – Free Printable

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Hello, this week I have a few new Christmas printables for you. They are three printable Christmas Countdown Activities for you to choose from. Two of the Christmas Countdown Activities offer your little one cutting practice and the other uses other “fine motor muscles.” There are a couple affiliate links in this post.

Cutting Practice Christmas Countdown Activities for Kids - Free Printable!

Today's free printable Christmas Countdown Activities are great for classrooms or homeschool. They are long strips of numbered round ornaments.

Even if you are using a more standard Advent Calendar this kind of activity can be done to sneak in tiny bits of fine motor skills practice in a fun, simple family tradition.

This is great for beginning cutting practice because the strips are pretty narrow. They will only require 1-2 cuts.

You might want to have other cutting materials available though, in case the kids get the itch to keep cutting! I know once my little guy gets going, he will shred tons of scrap paper! 😉

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Materials Needed:

Free Cutting Practice Christmas Countdown Printable (Find it in the Free Printables Section of my Christmas Shop)

Paper cutter or adult scissors

Kid scissors

How To:

Pretty simple really!

Print the free printable. Allow ink to dry fully.

Use a paper cutter or adult scissors to cut the strips of paper. Write each child's name on the line at the top.

Ask your child to use the kid scissors to cut off one number per day to count down to Christmas. You can decide if you want to cut from the top, going by the date, or from the bottom, going by how many days until Christmas.

Hooray! If you enjoyed these easy Christmas Countdown Activities, stick around to see my other Christmas Printables in the Christmas Shop or check out some more traditional sets on Amazon!

Cutting Practice Christmas Countdown Activities for Kids- Free Printables for family or the classroom! Great for beginning scissors users.

What do you do to countdown the days to Christmas? We are using a few different Christmas Countdown Activities at our house, just for fun. Let's hear about yours in the comments!

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