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Trim A Tree Christmas Countdown for Kids – Free Printable

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Well the calendar is about to change once again. We are about to enter December, which means it is time for a Christmas Countdown! Here is a free printable countdown to do with your kids or in a classroom. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Free Printable Christmas Countdown for Kids - Trim the Tree every day from now until Christmas! - What a fun , easy idea!

My kids started asking “Is today Christmas” pretty much right after Halloween. I knew we needed a Christmas Countdown this year. I made a few to choose from actually. The LalyKids can have their pick!

This one is a more advanced than my previous Cutting Practice Christmas Countdown Activities. Where that one was perfect for kids who are new to using scissors, today's trim a tree activity is better for kids who have already had plenty of cutting practice.

They will need to cut pretty precisely along some fairly long lines. You might want to have some warm up cutting activities on hand for extra practice. If your child has already mastered scissors though, by all means get to it!

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This can totally be paired with a more standard Advent Calendar, but it's just a fun, easy activity to help kids understand how many days are left before the big day! And why not sneak in some cutting practice at the same time?!


Free Printable Trim a Tree Christmas Countdown (Available in the Free Printables section of the Lalymom Christmas Shop!)

Kid Scissors

How To:

Again, this one is pretty simple!

Print the printable. Allow the ink to dry before you give it to your child.

Have your child use kid scissors to trim one section of the tree every day until Christmas. It is up to you if you want to start at the top and go along with the day of the month, or from the bottom to count down how many days until Christmas.

Ta-da! A totally free, totally fun Christmas Countdown! If you are looking to pair this with a giftable Advent Calendar, check out some of these awesome sets!

Don't miss the other Christmas Printables in the Lalymom Shop!

Free printable Christmas countdown for kids trim the tree every day from now until Christmas what a fun easy idea!

What is your favorite Christmas Countdown Idea? Let's hear about it in the comments!


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