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Little Blue Little Yellow Twisty Cups Color Mixing Activity

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Welcome back to another month's Virtual Book Club for Kids! I'm joining with the other VBC bloggers to share a Leo Lionni book activity with some Little Blue Little Yellow Twisty Cups! I've added a couple affiliate links to make shopping easy, FYI.

Color Mixing Activity for Leo Lionni Week! This activity was inspired by Little Blue and Little Yellow. Come see all the Leo Lionni book extension activities!

The Virtual Book Club for Kids has introduced my family to so many new-to-us authors and it has been really interesting to see my kids' reactions each month to the new titles. This month's Featured Author was again new to my family.
June 11th- Featured Author: Leo Lionni

Book Selections: A Color Of His Own, Swimmy, Little Blue and Little Yellow

We checked out several titles by this author in addition to the selections of the month and my kids enjoyed Little Blue and Little Yellow the most out of all of them. Something about the abstract dots having personalities and emotions was just really appealing to them!

This came along at the perfect time for me creatively too. We had a lot of fun with our Three Twisty Cups Games and I knew there were a lot of potential uses for the double cup toys. I actually attempted a version that was like two big color wheels to practice color mixing but because the cups were clear and you could see through to the colors at the back of the cups, the color mixing was not quite happening.

This activity solves that problem and gave the kids a really fun manipulative at the same time. These cups can be used for color mixing and for story retelling! We tried them on our light box too but playing with them on the brightly lit desk was just as fun.

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Light Box and Light Table Color Mixing Play - Twisty Cups Inspired by Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni.

Little Blue Little Yellow Cups Tutorial


Clear Plastic Shot Glasses (ours were from Dollar Tree)

Colored Sharpie Markers

Yellow Oil Base Sharpie (optional)

Little Blue and Little Yellow


Well basically you draw all the shapes from the book (kids and parents) onto the cups, one per cup. Let them dry. That's it!

My one tip is with the yellow ones, I colored the inside of the cup as well as the outside to make it brighter. Then I remembered I also had a yellow oil based sharpie paint marker in my stash from when I made Father's Day Mugs so I tried that. I will say that the yellow was a little more vivid with the oil based paint marker but it took longer to dry. It's not the end of the world if you don't get it but if you have one give it a try!

Safety Note: The cups we had cracked if you squeeze them hard enough, which can leave a sharp edge. It happened a couple times as we played and no one got hurt. As with any activity, you know your children best so be sure to supervise and advise them on the proper handling of the cups.

Ways to Play

Leo Lionni Activities - Twisty Cups for Color Mixing with Little Blue Little Yellow. Check out all the Virtual Book Club for Kids Leo Lionni Ideas in this post!

-Add the cups to the book as you read.

-Act out the story with the cups after you are done.

-Bring them to the Light Box or Light Table for another dimension of color.

-Set two cups out at a time and ask your child to predict what color they will make when they hug.

-Experiment with different combination of two, three or more cups hugging!

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It's Leo Lionni Week! Click through for fun book extension ideas for Little Blue and Little Yellow, Swimmy and Color All His Own! What a cool idea for color mixing!

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