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Pigeon & Duckling Book Extension Activity

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Welcome to my first post for the Virtual Book Club for Kids! Today's book extension activity is inspired by a super fun book by Mo Willems called The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?

Mo Willems Duckling Gets a Cookies Activity featuring the Pigeon and the Duckling Free Printable on Lalymom.com. How cute is this!We have a ton of books in our house because my family and friends all gave us books in place of greeting cards at my baby shower. We are however, kind of STUCK on the same ones. When we get new ones my kids devour them and we read them over and over.

We still have a lot of board books out because my son was a “book shredder” for a while. But he has turned a corner now. He loves books and will regularly bring me longer, paper page books. We read them once, twice, three times in a row and it is the only time besides eating and sleeping that he sits still!

I will tell you, The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? was new to us and both kids SERIOUSLY loved it. I'm adding some of the author's other titles to my son's birthday wish list.

When I saw the images of the birds holding the cookies it made me think of clothespin beaks so I tried my hand at a printable to do along with the book! My son is almost two and my daughter is 4. My daughter really loved using them for pretend play and to retell the story. My son loves using clothespins so just clipping and unclipping the cookies was super fun for him.

Mo Willems Book Extension Printable Activity - Duckling Gets a Cookie Clothespin Game on Lalymom.com - How fun!

If you would like to put together your own set of Pigeon and Duckling clothespins, the PDF is available in the Free Printables Section of my Shop Page. Below are the quick directions.

I will say I totally recommend prepping this the night before so everything has a chance to dry before you play!

Printable Book Extension Activity

Preschool Printable Activity to go with The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems on Lalymom.com

Materials Needed:

Pigeon and Duckling Printable (Get your copy in the Free Printables section of my Shop Page, no sign up required)

Card stock or printer paper

2 Clothespins


Glue stick


Print the document, preferably on card stock, and set aside to allow ink time to fully dry.

Once dry, use your scissors to cut everything out.

Using your glue stick add glue to the top of the clothespins about half inch from the end that opens. Press the pigeon and duckling circles onto the clothespins so that the tip of the clothespins stick out like their beaks. Set aside to dry.


Ways to Play:

Practice Politeness- My daughter really liked showing the pigeon how to ask politely, like in the book. Practice asking for cookies and giving them to the birds when they succeed at asking politely.

Story Retelling- Act out the story using the figures and cookies.

Counting- See how many cookies the pigeon and duckling can eat!

Sorting- Have the birds sort the cookies into Nuts and No Nuts piles.

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  1. Laura this is such a cute activity to go along with the book! We’ve printed ours off and will be playing today. Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad you’re a part of hosting our Virtual Book Club for Kids!

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