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Frozen Olaf Craft: Jointed Olaf Figure

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We have reached a new level of craziness in our house and it all centers around Disney's Frozen Movie. I love to craft, learn and play using anything that captures my kids' attention so today I've got a fun Frozen Olaf Craft. This is of course on top of our other Frozen Craft that we shared today!Frozen Olaf Craft - Jointed Movable Olaf Figure from Disney's Frozen. Uses free Printables. On Lalymom

This Olaf craft is made from Inkjet Shrinky Dinks, the same ones I used for the Frozen characters in our Frozen Inspired Chill Out Jar. We have made a jointed figure out of shrinky dinks before- that time it was a Robot and it still gets played with today, so I thought this Olaf figure would be a hit too! (Note: This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.)

Our good printer was again on the fritz so you'll see the lines from the less than desirable printer. Adjusting the print darkness/intensity of the image before printing to VERY light should help prevent that if you make your own. I'd tell you exactly how to do this but it really varies on your printer and what software you have. On my very basic printer, when I hit Print on the PDF page, it pulls up a printer window and I click Properties. In the properties box I was able to select Economy/Speed print. But the properties for our more advanced printer gave me way more options including lowering the intensity. If you have a pro version of your PDF reader, you also may be able to lighten it through the tools there.

Jointed Frozen Olaf Craft Materials

Inkjet Shrinky Dinks

Free Disney Frozen Olaf Printable


Hole Punch

Jump Rings

Inkjet Printer


Colored Pencils (optional: if you are unable to print in color, print in black and white and color with colored pencils)

Jointed Frozen Olaf Craft Directions

Print the shrinky dinks: Load a sheet of inkjet shrinky dinks into your inkjet printer. Click the link to the printables and select the Build a Snowman Printable. This will open up a PDF. Hit the print button on the PDF and then BEFORE you hit Okay on the Printer window that pops up, set your printer properties to economy/fast print, or adjust the intensity to make it look washed out (in your PDF settings or your printer settings, depending on your computer, as discussed above.). Hit okay and print the document. Allow the ink to dry and go set your oven to preheat according to the package directions.

DIY Frozen Olaf Shrinky Dinks from Free Frozen Printable. From Lalymom

Prep the shrinky dinks: If you printed in black and white, as I did, use the colored pencils to color Olaf's arms and hair brown and his nose orange. Cut out all the pieces of the Olaf figure, as well as the Frozen logo and the small Olaf if desired. Using your hole punch, punch holes close to the edges where you will connect the various pieces. (Bottom of head. Top, bottom and both sides for the top body piece. One at the top and two holes at the bottom for the bottom body piece. One at the top of each arm and one at the top of each leg.)

Tutorial for Disney Frozen Olaf Shrinky Dinks from Printable on Lalymom

Bake the shrinky dinks: Sandwich the shrinky dinks between a large sheet of parchment paper folded in half. (The clear shrinky dinks often curl a lot, but I have never had that problem with the inkjet ones, so the parchment is more than enough to keep them in place.) Bake in 2-3 batches, according to directions and remove from the oven. As each batch comes out, slide the parchment with the pieces still inside onto your counter or other heat proof surface and press down on them with your hand in an oven mitt to ensure they are all flat.

Attach the pieces: Once all pieces are baked, flat and cool, get out your jump rings. Use your pliers to gently open each jump ring, slide it through the hole on the head and at the top of the top body piece. Use the pliers to close the jump ring. Repeat with jump rings until all pieces are attached.

Jointed Frozen Olaf Using Pliers and Jump Rings on Lalymom

Done! You now have a super awesome jointed Olaf! He will be super fun to play with for any Frozen Obsessed kids! Note- shrinky dinks and jump rings are not good for babies who put things in their mouths. Unless you seal the shrinky dinks, the colors can run if they get wet- or worse, drooled on. So keep him out of the bath tub too!

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Disney Frozen Craft Anna and Elsa Frozen Chill Out Bottle from Lalymom
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